The Final Solution

Listen to the audio, then continue learning inside the headline link below.

Crown Virus False Flag Update

We have a FINAL SOLUTION for that

AIM Patriot Dr. Sutton sends this article in…from 2005 and points out that it is still highly relevant and an excellent read.

Are US flu death figures more PR than science?

Dr. Sutton of Rafael Medicine is an anthroposophic doctor and long-time AIM patriot. Because of her unique understanding of the human condition – physically, politically, and spiritually, we have asked her to become a member of our Conclave. This way we know that the articles we are offering you on the flu, viruses, vaccinations, human growth and development are vetted by an experienced and WOKE professional.

Wuhan Virus – Media Hype or Pandemic?

Fetal Cell DNA in Vaccines


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4 thoughts on “The Final Solution”

  1. Basically we are all Human Guinea Pigs. Yet who knows all of these facts? Well we were promised Social Secutiy, we pay health insurances all our lives, and when it gets a little to costly when it’s time to pay up or become in their eyes a useless eater, we just accidentally unleash a cure for their payout problems. Surely it’s a coincidence that the great boomers are all beginning to retire and need those payouts. There really is no bounds to their evil. Is there?

    Solution. Well it goes against everything we believe in. Our compassion, our moral values, mercy, and they know it. We’ve got to exterminate this evil, literally.


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