Ready for your Great Awakening?

Remember that movie trailer by Complicated by Design we posted a few Cat Reports ago? The creator emailed us to say they were fine-tuning some of the scenes. The revised screen shot is below.

We are just loving this project and hope that by posting updates, one of the talented movie producers who lurk on our sites will see the enormous potential of a series like this. Below the video, Tyla shares a few remarks she sent to the media creator.


“Exactly. You nailed it. When I saw your first version, you had the light bulb swing in and out. It was very fast. I thought to myself, ahhh an insinuation of enlightenment.

What happens is that the prepared astral body imprints itself on the etheric body and sparks the creation process of an organ of supersensible perception. It is much like how the eye was formed in man. First came the light which “molded”  the eye so that light, and eventually clear sight, could be experienced. This may sound odd, but this is well-known in spiritual science.

On the other side of the threshold, thinking, feeling and willing are transformed into the higher organs of perception – Inspiration, Imagination, and Intuition.

Some call this experience ‘enlightenment’. For me, it was as Paul, formerly Saul of Tarsus, described his conversion on the road to Damascus. At the time it happened, I wasn’t particularly “spiritual” so I certainly never expected an experience like this. I was with a group of people who witnessed the experience – back in October 1984 when I was 28. Many years later, in my search to seek truth, I came across anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner. It was through his lectures that I learned about the etheric Christ and the Damascus experience.

Did you know that the Damascus experience was supposed to happen for many, many more people on the earth by now, but the evil ones (use whatever name suits you) have suppressed human evolution for centuries so that only a few of us have had the awakening? Steiner wrote about this in a lecture entitled:

The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric

This film or series is going to awaken people deeply to their spiritual connection to the divine. For over two decades after my divine experience, I spent every day “unpacking” the thought form given to me in the vision. Then in 2010, I set out to find a way to share this information with all of you. Ten years later, now in 2020, Douglas and I are doing amazing work called the Glass Bead Game where we have created a place of consciousness in the internet for truth seekers.

Some people start out with our geopolitical articles and find their way to our spiritual posts. Some find us through Neoanthroposophy and then grow curious about our outlook on world events and discover us at the American Intelligence Media. We are outlining the body of the great Goddess of Wisdom – Sophia. AnthropoSophia.”

Douglas and I write more about our personal experience of the Etheric Christ here:

Anthroposophia Reveals the Second Coming: Perceiving Christ in the Etheric

If you missed the rough draft of the trailer, we posted it below. You might drop in and see how excited people are about this project. Please add your own comment if this material resonates with you. Frankly, we are getting sick and tired of all the blood, violence, and satanic messages in Netflix entertainment. Patriots are looking for richer content like this!

Here is the YT link. Subscribe so that you can see their updates:


3 thoughts on “Ready for your Great Awakening?”

  1. 2000 years ago the creator of man became man and experienced our dilemma even though we chose this life. He was killed yet there is no grave as he is alive. He was disgusted by the teachers of those days and gave us a direct link to him.
    No one in our history has had such a profound effect on the World to where a Book was assembled. This book was copied by hand for 1000 years until a printing press was invented and the book has been printed continuously to this day where we have available a free copy for everyone alive. A true living miracle.
    Talk to him asking for wisdom, understanding and compassion and see what happens.

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