6 thoughts on “Time for Martial Law in the United States”

  1. Betsy is 100% correct in her analysis and logical thinking, and is too nice. These swine have been forcing misery biological devastation on the planet for too long. Punch their ticket for eternity in Satan’s spa.

    1. Just keep a dozen or so pigs hungry for a few days. Then throw a side-of-treasonous-Hildabeef into the sty and watch those ravenous pigs eat everything but the gold in her teeth.

      1. You’re too kind. Sell tickets to watch and pay off the national debt and tell the Rothschilds, “”No interest for you. It’s over.” The wild pigs out here eat everything including the skull. Like potato chips for them.

    1. If you see a turned over box with 1,000 cockroaches under it, do not lift the box. Get some laughing gas and deliver it to them through a small hole and sweep up after the noise dies down. Then sweep up.

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