Arizona Sen. Martha McSally’s Brother is COO of Dominion Diagnostics

Dominion Diagnostics offers COVID-10 Serology Antibody Testing

Think the company is related to Dominion election rigging?

Look who is on the board – AZ Senator Martha McSally’s brother, Mark.

Mark A. McSally, Esq.


Mark A. McSally, Esq. joined Dominion Diagnostics in 1999 as Outside General Counsel and moved internally in 2006 to assume the role of Corporate Counsel.  He currently serves as Dominion’s Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel. Mr. McSally is responsible for all aspects of Dominion’s legal and regulatory needs, including government relations and corporate compliance. 

Recently their brother Martin McSally deceased at age 58.

No conclusion is made on this post, just some items worth your attention in case we find out that Senator McSally has been compromised by foreign actors in interfering with our 2020 election.

Here’s his sister Martha from a meme back in 2018.

3 thoughts on “Arizona Sen. Martha McSally’s Brother is COO of Dominion Diagnostics”

  1. I don’t believe Dominion Diagnostics are ANYTHING to do with Dominion Voting Systems in Canada….Dominion is a VERY common name… Dominion Banking, Dominion Energy, Dominion Resources etc, ….. many of them, unrelated

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