Was Anthony Fauci Hatched from a Reptile Egg or from Giovanni John Robert Abys? Crowdsourcing Help Needed!!


CROWDSOURCING HELP NEEDED. AFI miners need AIM crowd sourcing help of evidently scrubbed information about Anthony Fauci.

Why did his grandfather lie on the 1930 U.S. Census about his great grandfather being born in Italy, when he had previously disclosed it as Switzerland, which even Tony Fauci has confirmed in his mountain of glowing biographies?



Dr. Anthony Fauci’s maternal grandfather, Giovanni John Robert Abys (b. Oct. 23, 1876 [Atripalda, Avellino], d. 1925, was an artist, designer, illustrator back in Italy and after he emigrated to Brooklyn, NY in 1901. Some biographies say he was born in Switzerland, while others say Italy.

In the 1910 New York census he declared he was Age 32 and was born in Italy and that he was an artist, illustrator, and that he emigrated to the U.S. in 1901.


In the 1918 U.S. Draft, he declared himself a “designer”


In the 1920 U.S. Census, Giovani John Robert Abys declare that his father, Anthony Fauci’s great grandfather was born in Switzerland and was also an artist/designer.


In grandfather John Abys’ naturalization papers, he declares he is an artist.


However, in the 1930 U.S. Census, he changes his story says his father’s birthplace is Italy, not Switzerland, as he had done 10 years earlier in the 1920 U.S. Census. Even Tony says his maternal great grandfather was born in Switzerland. See this bio discussing details of his Swiss maternal great grandfather Giovanni Abys. (“Giovanni Abys, was born in Switzerland and was an artist, noted for landscape and portrait painting, magazine illustrations as well as graphic design for commercial labels, including olive oil cans. His grandparents emigrated from Italy to the United States in the late 19th century.”)


Research questions:

  1. Why did Tony Fauci’s grandfather distance himself from his great grandfather’s association with Switzerland in his 1930 U.S. census, saying he was from Italy instead?
  2. Can anyone find samples of his artist grandfather and great grand father’s work as a commercial artist, illustrator, designer?

    As a commercial illustrator, did he do industrial illustrations? If so, for what companies in Germany, Switzerland and Italy?


If you have any leads on this research, please leave a comment below or contact us here: https://aim4truth.org/contact-us/

12 thoughts on “Was Anthony Fauci Hatched from a Reptile Egg or from Giovanni John Robert Abys? Crowdsourcing Help Needed!!”

  1. A proven genetic predisposition track record for creating falsehoods to suit the Fauci/Abys narrative. I am SHOCKED, I tell you!


    1. Little Anthony Faucifraud emanates from a pool of Babylonian Talmud bangers. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to assume that like with his repetition of true, false, aggressively harmful, and aimless utterances about corona-SARS research, U.S. Patents, and other reality, his history and autobiography must remain hidden, and a matter of ill repute. I do not pity the fool. He had his chance to earn his keep. That time he has spent as a government health official has been as a disease on the public. His formal education may have never actually occurred, or he really is a psychopath Babylonian Talmud banger. See: Charles M. Lieber, Bill Gates Sr. and Jr., Melinda Gates, Geoffrey Pattie, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Elizabeth Lydia Manningham Bueller, The Pirbright Institute, et al for future reference.

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      1. Anthony Faucifraud is following the rules. Babylon’s Rules. Noahide Law Talmud Sanhedrine Vol.4 57b Steinsalte Edition VolXVIII Tractate Sanhedrine Part4 P.110 I gave up my battle ax on mushrooms berzerker heritage and traditions for a good reason. (Hint: The first rain after Halloween)


    2. Switzerlands d.s. Central.After Jews convinced President Truman? To hand over $ pronting to Private FED,they all met in Basel,mmmmmmmmmm!! 🙂


  2. From: Deutsche Familien: historische Portraits von Bismarck bis Weizsäcker


    People were amazed by Aby Warburg’s Library. In January 1934, the steamship Hermia and Jessica brought 60,000 books, the collection of photos and all sorts of devices and furniture over to London. Today, the Warburg Institute on London’s Russell Square an internationally recognized historical culture research entity. The legendary ABYS knowledge management and note-taking method still used today; his most important working instrument:
    A clean papertrail kept in square drawers to control your World Order (Environment)


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