Doctors Cause Alzheimers

After watching the Bitchute video below, we asked AIMCat @notadoc to review and explain Alzheimers to us. His extensive comments are below. Other cats like @patchy and @7seven7 also made extensive comments. You can read updated comments or ask questions on the post. (Note: I made light editing for “flow”.)


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Oh man!

Don’t get me going on cholesterol. LOL!

In my book, it ranks up there with the flu vaccination.

Huge fraud. And I was one of the first people on its bandwagon, actually teaching our internist on the latest research. And as usual, most MDs don’t study the research, and just proceed blindly following their “perceptions,” and the directions of the drug detail man (salesman who brings in free donuts and mocha latte’s.).

I treated my first “cholesterol” patient about a year before the Framingham (epidemiological) study came out which accelerated the whole fraud. (Also about a year before the Staten drugs came out.). The patient’s total cholesterol was in the 900’s. (Familial hypercholesterolemia — genetic disease). So I started her on niacin (a B. vitamin, and this was before they had the “non-flush niacin”. Note: the internist was fully behind my treatment plan. I.e.: no panic with cholesterol over 900.). Our routine chem panel (20 blood tests; cost $22 back in the mid-80s), it had a total cholesterol but did not have a “normal range.” But from experience, most people were about 210 — 280. The Framingham study found that there was only one epidemiological association between cholesterol and heart disease. And that was the ratio of the HDL: LDL. (These two types of cholesterol, at that time accounted for almost all of the cholesterol.)

So I started adding the test for HDL cholesterol, primarily to my hypertension patients and those considered “at risk” for heart disease (that test alone cost an extra $23 — most patients were Medicaid or Medicare which covered the test.). I would have to do my own math to calculate ratios which were different for men versus women (because cholesterol is the foundation of all hormones). When the internist was reviewing my charts, he inquired why I was ordering HDL. A teaching moment. I even had a woman come to me for a second opinion because her physician at the famous Scripps Institute in San Diego wanted to put her on cholesterol medicine. Her actual risk factor was one half of normal for women. (In other words, she was at one half the risk of having heart disease due to cholesterol, than a woman who had “normal cholesterol.”). You see, allopathic medicine is basically all screwed up; but then the practitioners don’t even know their “own science.” (Dr. lemmings.).

They (most likely the American Heart Association) set up a committee to guide the treatment of cholesterol. They came up with the “normal total cholesterol” being 240. And from my experience, that was about right. Then the Staten drugs came out. And the next year the “normal” cholesterol was lowered to 200. And then for some unknown reason, they were claiming that that was the upper limit of normal, and everyone needed to be lower than 200. I worked with many educated fools who would start a patient on Staten medication if their cholesterol came back in the 190s; prophylaxis! (The lab test has a variability of 10%. Meaning that a reading of 200 could be anywhere between 180 — 220.)

Frequently I would ask my patients if they knew how they came up with that number “200”. No one knew the correct answer. The answer was: “They voted!” And one strange coincidence, 16 of the 17 members who voted, all worked for companies who created the Staten drugs. Eventually someone finally called them out on their conflict of interest. But the response was, that the only “experts” on cholesterol, came from those pharmaceutical companies. From then on, every couple years they’d have more and more tests for more and more “types,” of cholesterol. And by repeatedly changing the definitions of words, they had captured a major portion of society. Frequently back then, many of these “experts,” were actually lobbying for Staten medication to be added to the water supply. Can you say fluoride.

Cholesterol is found in every cell of your body. It gives the cell wall its structure and strength. It is the foundational chemical for all of your hormones. They say the problem with cholesterol is that it is part of the plaque that narrows the blood vessel. I would tell my patients that the “plaque” was GOOD! The plaque was your “friend.” Because the plaque is attempting to patch a damaged area in your artery. If Mr. Plaque wasn’t there, you would be bleeding to death. Mr. Plaque, EMT 1, is a first responder. If the problem is chronic inflammation. The “fire” (inflammation) never completely goes out, so the first responders remain on scene and the cleanup and construction crews are never called in. It appears that their solution to the problem is to defund the first responders; get rid of the evil plaque/cholesterol.

Now, what is the number one side effect from Staten medications? Myalgia. (Muscle pain). Why is a muscle in pain? Because there is some type of problem with that muscle. If you have a halfway decent diet, and haven’t experienced trauma or overuse to that area, and you are on a Staten (cholesterol) medication; in my book that pain is from the Staten medication until proven otherwise. You need to stop the drug! WHY??? THE HEART IS A MUSCLE!!! The majority of “heart attacks,” do not have blood clots associated with them. And the vast majority of the people who have had “heart attacks,” had developed collateral blood circulation in the region of the narrowed artery. The body performed its own bypass surgery.

You have developed a billion-dollar industry, and are treating an entire nation based on one epidemiological statistic recorded in Framingham Massachusetts probably from 1950 — 1980. And that statistic was not related to the total amount of cholesterol within someone’s bloodstream. (And in that study, they looked for any lipid (fat) test that might correlate with heart disease.). My patient who had a total cholesterol of over 900 may have had a “normal” ratio of her good cholesterol versus bad cholesterol. If that were the case, she would not be a candidate under their “epidemiological study.” (She would be treated regarding her genetic disorder. I was really surprised that her blood sample was not “lipimic.” I.e.: globs of fat floating in the blood collection tube. I’ve seen it in people with cholesterol’s in the mid 200’s. Because of that, in the case I remember, was from the patient’s blood pressure medicine.).

The number two side effect of Staten’s is liver damage. It increases the level of liver enzymes probably signaling inflammation. Number three is increase of blood sugar and type II diabetes. Well, that’s another risk factor for heart disease. And the fourth side effect of Staten’s are “neurological side effects.” I.e.: memory loss or confusion.

Note: this list and order of side effects comes from the Mayo Clinic:

What Dr. Wallach presents in his video is accurate according to what we understand at this time. His presentation is definitely accurate concerning the brain being 70% fat/cholesterol, and dementia is clearly correlated with Staten/cholesterol medication, along with others drugs. My slight hesitation comes from my knowledge that presently there is legitimate questions concerning our understanding of the physiology of the nerve. Most nerves are covered by an electrical insulating fat covering containing cholesterol (myelin). When that layer is damaged, an electrical signal can no longer travel along its path. There may be other electromagnetic or photonic energy that is involved regarding the nervous system. But I’m sure that there is little doubt that those “tangled nerves” are no longer properly functioning; either from demyelination (removal of cholesterol covering), toxic aluminum or even “type 3 diabetes.”

Another major problem is that doctors are lazy and call every type of dementia “Alzheimer’s.” It is one of their “bogeyman.” The only real way to make an accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is via autopsy. With that said, there have been multiple reports that people have reversed their “Alzheimer’s” (dementia), by taking flaxseed oil by the tablespoon (one — 3 tablespoons/day). An idiot neurologist diagnosed my father with “Alzheimer’s.” I just happened to attend his last office visit with the “specialist.” When he announced his final diagnoses as Alzheimer’s, I asked him what he based that diagnoses upon. Basically he said his experience and credentials. I told him that my father had “multi-infarct dementia.” The neurologist then admitted that I may be correct, but that there was no treatment for that either. Of course he wrote a prescription anyway. My mother stopped it about a week later. This office visit was in the late 1990s. My parents visited one of my clinics in 1987, and requested routine blood work.

Naturally at that time, they were very concerned about cholesterol. Both of them were at one half of normal risk factor for heart disease. I was alarmed that my father’s total cholesterol was just under 130. I told him that that was dangerous and he was at risk of having a stroke. They were both to immediately stop their “low cholesterol diets.” (Families never listen.). He gradually started having memory problems in the 1990s. But he deteriorated immediately after a very long surgery to remove his “recalled” pacemaker wire. A hidden fact is that time spent under anesthesia, and especially on a heart lung machine, will cause dementia. (Excellent book by Martha Lear called “heart sounds.” TV movie of same name with Mary Tyler Moore and James Garner — best actor/actress awards for this movie.). Generally, people with Alzheimer’s have significant personality change and actually get quite “mean.” My father had been a very authoritative man throughout his life (fighter pilot World War II, top management in US steel), and with his dementia he became very much like a “little boy.”

My older brother has been having “memory problems” for almost 10 years now. His doctor diagnosed (incorrectly) Alzheimer’s. The cause of his dementia is his Staten medication that his wife refuses to stop even though he has chronic muscle leg pain. And probably more so his high blood pressure, that his idiot doctor has him on three medications. (Don’t get me going on blood pressure.). But basically the problem is that he is diagnosed with “essential hypertension.” When in medical school we asked the lecturer (cardiologist) why it was called “essential,” and he simply stated that, that was what the old-timers called it, and out of courtesy it was never changed. (Primarily there are five — six known causes of high blood pressure. You check for those known causes, which are rare, and if they do not exist you make a diagnosis of being “essential hypertension.”).

The real reason, my own opinion, that they called it “essential hypertension,” was that the body knew that it had to raise the blood pressure to get blood/oxygen to a major organ. That organ (like a brain or kidney) is crying out to increase the blood flow. So doctors prescribe a medicine even though the brain is still calling to increase the blood supply to the head. The need hasn’t been fulfilled and eventually that first pill no longer works. So the doctor adds a second, and then a third, etc. My brother’s brain fog, becomes dementia, and I wouldn’t be surprised that eventually he needs dialysis. But don’t get me going. He doesn’t have Alzheimer’s. And he is married to a “Karen.” Just saying.

LOL! Did I answer the question?

Addendum: Look up Ancil Keys (not quite a Fauci, but just as evil.). Procter & Gamble/Crisco (their donation was the beginning of “cardiology.”).

One of the best articles I have read on cholesterol and heart disease. It is the first article I have seen that has placed Many of the major factors in one article. — Notadoc

How Ancel Keys Brainwashed the Masses Into Fearing Meat (He’s Wrong)

@patchy posts: Pardon my intrusion on this but I couldn’t resist as I’m highly familiar with this topic and the speaker you highlight in this clip. I spent much time researching for a friend re his mom’s Alzheimer’s delving into journals, studies, reports, pubmed and trusted sources like Ray Peat and Weston Price.

The clip is legit info from the author of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie – A biomedical research pioneer, Dr. Joel D. Wallach spent more than 40 years in the field of Veterinary Medicine, observing and researching the effects of individual nutrients on animal health, before becoming a Naturopathic Physician in 1982.
Here’s the original presentation that went viral through old fashioned means back in the 80s in the nutritional realm

Seed oils, PUFA poly unsaturated fat/oils, are the main cause of oxidative stress which is oxidation of the unstable fatty acids that turn rancid then toxic in the body as they are difficult to process out, causing free radical damage. Saturated fats melt at low temps, they are more stable against oxidation/rancidity which is why you can store extra virgin coconut oil on and olive oil (although olive oil is a monounsaturated, not as stable as coconut) the counter without it going bad for years and why every bottle of seed oil will contain vitamin e (tocopherol) which is an antioxidant & anti estrogen to prolong its shelf life.

Niacin therapy is highly effective for repair and detox in its natural form (nicotinic acid) it’s well known for its flushing effect upon first taking a good dose which basically causes internal heat flash that works to clear out the buildup in arteries which is why it’s known to prevent & reverse cardiovascular issues but it actually is therapeutic for all issues related to oxidative stress, which is basically every condition associated with aging including Alzheimer Dementia.

EV coconut oil, EV olive oil and grass fed butter are the three safest choices for food preparation but coconut oil is also instrumental in the removal of the gunked up toxic PUFA compounded in the body, along with vitamin E and C which are potent anti oxidants, protectants. Saturated fats are healthy fats. Coconut oil is the highest saturation of oils.
Obesity is caused by excess PUFA intake, not caloric intake. This is how America became obese.

Ray Peat, who is now 86, is a wealth of knowledge on the politics of science, medicine & the food supply historically and where the lies are.
Fats – saturated fat can be used therapeutically to reverse disease/disorders -coconut oil benefits – good audio

Ray Peat (PhD in biology and naturopath) has been a wealth of knowledge and I just learned he was a Steiner educator from way back. Herb Doctors: Rudolph Steiner Schools, Biodynamic Agriculture, Education (2015)

Politics & Science: Fats

Here’s a master list of Ray Peat audios on various health topics filled with gold

@notadoc continues:

In reality, a cholesterol in the 220s is normal.

What you need to concentrate on is “real food,” made out of “real ingredients” and not chemicals.

Do you know who has the best history of having the least heart disease?

The “Eskimos.” They have over 100 words for “snow,” but none related to heart disease. They have no heart disease, diabetes, Obesity, hypertension or strokes. Those are the ones who are eating Their native foods. Their relatives who have moved to the big city, all have obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Back in their villages, basically vegetation doesn’t grow. They may get a few weeks of wildflowers, but the rest of the tundra truly is Non-digestible to humans.

They eat caribou and seafood. And their caribou and seafood are feasting on whatever else might be alive. I did once get a warning from the state health department, concerning them finding botulism in pickled walrus fin. So watch out for that.

From the Mayo Clinic:
Red yeast rice is capable of lowering blood cholesterol levels and total blood cholesterol levels. While the supplement is generally considered safe, it might carry the same potential side effects as statin cholesterol drugs.

@7seven7 adds some spiritual wisdom to the conversation:

As a builder I must ensure the foundation of the building is perfectly level and aligned before proceeding to build upon it. If one mistakenly does build upon a faulty foundation the fault will compound and arise in every aspect of the building.

This is common knowledge in the building trades. RS. points out the failure in the foundations of how our medical sciences have been built upon a faulty foundation by not taking into consideration the spiritual sciences or more specifically the spiritual forces acting in the human body. Linked below is a short RS lecture explaining this. Therefore until such time as we tear down the medical sciences and fix the foundations we will never be capable of building a structure in medical or any other science that is not flawed. Somehow we have to integrate the Spiritual sciences into our the foundations of sciences to come to a complete understanding the human and the world around them.

The Human Being as Body, Soul and Spirit. Brain and Thinking By Rudolf Steiner