The Novi Bayou at Guidobono’s Cambridge Homes Terra

[Warning: Opinion piece below.] Are you looking to buy a luxurious home in Novi, Michigan? Check out Mark Guidobono’s latest development, called Terra on 9 Mile Road, by his company Cambridge Builders. Make sure to ask the sales rep about the sewer and water system inside these multi-million dollar homes to see how your toilet and drinking water flows.

Guidobono built other homes in Novi like Bellagio and Tuscany, but none claim to have their very own forest swamp in their backyards, where a two-year City of Novi dewatering project has emptied 13 ponds and hundreds of acres of watershed all so Guidobono’s company can make money selling homes on swamp land – or as they would call it down south – the BAYOU.

The area is a protected watershed for the Huron River area, but don’t tell that to the City of Novi council and mayor who let their city manager Peter “the Ogre” Auger destroy properties of existing homes with a wackadoodle sewer project that has no completion date and is dumping millions of gallons of underground river water on to surrounding land.

Novi Mayor Bob Gatt authorized the use of public ENTERPRISE FUNDS to benefit Guidobono’s private project at Terra.

Properties are being destroyed with ground river water spewing everywhere, but where it should be going – into the Huron Valley protected watershed.

Inquiring minds want to know if the Novi City Council actually planned for the area to be stripped of the wetlands so they could sell reclaimed land in the future to investment companies like BlackRock that are buying up whole neighborhoods to turn into rental properties? Just askin’.

If you are not familiar with this project, open and read the link below:

Peter Auger, City Manager of Novi, Destroys Watershed Neighborhood

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  1. Only in Michigan!
    Hey, J grew up in Howell! I knew the area well from Detroit, Gross Point, Lansing and Ann Arbor

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