3 thoughts on “The Transformation of America”

  1. I just want to add ….. I will try and re find the source …. but I read that all seeds will be patented … so modified to control the food chain …. one of my daughters therefore spent over £1000 of heirloom seeds so she can grown and co to or to collect seeds . I will endeavour to find the article and send it to you . Bee x

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  2. First off, thank you both for your thoughts, and very nice to meet Sir Christos.
    Secondly I disagree with you both, not on the subject matter of keeping ones temple clean and free from man’s manipulations inasmuch as possible. You, we are not in control, our Creator decides our destinies. Everyone of us incarnated here with a purpose, we are all our Creator’s children, even Klaus. We are all on a journey of growth and enlightenment. Our purposes here vary greatly yet fundenatlly the same. To first learn the to learn more by teaching. We are all here to do the Creator’s bidding, to tend to his flock. Like in schools before common core, not everyone graduates and moves on, those who don’t start the lessons again and again if necessary. Those who do move up have an even greater purpose here. Look to Jesus and John the Baptst for they showed us the way. I will not ever accept any man has any power over the Creator, his creation. or our destiny. I will accept that when my time here comes to its end, it is by his decision alone, and in many ways even look forward to that time. Hopefully I will graduate one day, till then I’ll accept whatever he asks of me.
    He asked his son to die on the cross, to show us the way, and if that’s what’s asked of me, so be it, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Faith gentlemen, faith.

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