Mantids and the Locust People

The Locust People and the Devolution of Humanity

Who are these entities stuck between dimensions that are wreaking havoc upon humanity? Clif High calls them the “mantids” but Rudolf Steiner described them as the “locust people.” Tyla and Douglas explain.

7-7-21 Yes, we see that they took down the video – probably for the word “PILGRIMS” that freaked out the Locust People at Google/YouTube. We will upload an alternative version.

Raw video file:

4 thoughts on “Mantids and the Locust People”

  1. Really helpful in deepening our anthroposophic cosmology! Steiner provides language to make sense of the super sensible! Thank you both!

  2. hey amigos! i saw fireflies last night, first time in 5 years at this location: a good sign!
    just when there’s been no crickets yet this year: that’s weird! i was always aware of a lot of the insect life around me in michigan.. everybody knows the sound of those shiny black field crickets, i first noticed them missing a few years ago, then they were there last summer, but not very many… so far, i hear none this year, how weird is that on the 4th of july…it’s a sign of the times, i guess…no cicadas yet, but the temperature has to be very warm–the soil, first, and on warm days, they’ll make that sound they make…well, we hope they’ll be ’round

    1. sorry, i was talkin’ literal insect life, but i understand you’re talkin’ on other levels as well! that’s how it is in the world, there’s many levels or orders or lines , but one thing remains perfectly clear, it’s the buzz, buzz, buzz, in the drum-of-the-ear~… everybody’s gotta make-a-living…clif high, ha ha, a lofty thinker, no doubt! no tellin’ when a given line, makes-that-jump, to another level, better to look-before-ya-leap, yeah? respecto!

  3. great lecture! respect to the orders, kingdoms and all-lives’ matters~ most people probly won’t be leavin’ comments, respecto nonetheless! there’s-nuthin-like-the-wordpress! worldwide tele-type-communication’s where-it’s-at!

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