5 thoughts on “D.C. Becomes a Military Zone”

  1. I’m a 69yr old married man. Retired and a shooter for 65yrs+ I was so happy when Donald J. Trump came down that escalator, I’ll never forget it. I can remember seeing him interviewed many years ago, and thinking…….well you know. Now, tonight I’m actually crying real tears for my Country. For my fellow Citizens. For the Children!! I’m afraid for my Wife, we’ve been together 53yrs, and I’ve always made her feel safe. Now, at my age, I don’t have a President Donald J. Trump to make me look like I’m keeping her safe. Honestly, I didn’t think this situation could possibly happen. 1984…….fantasy?

  2. The state of our nation is surreal, our Capital is barricaded and filled with an armed military contingent. With most of our communicators and communications sidelined we sit on the edge of our seats, waiting for the grand chess move. Speculators offer up potential scenarios for the climatic conclusion of events on how the pendulum or traitor will swing. Surrounded by Countries across the globe, under their own martial law type scenarios, locked within their homes, millions jobless, futures uncertain. They watch our country and president from afar, knowing that this may be their last hope of ever having the boot heel of communistic fascism lifted from their necks. Yes folks, what we are witnessing is truly the most historic events ever to unfold in our lifetimes. Myself, being in an information war with this Mafia, for so long, almost can’t see life ahead without these criminals in charge. When I no longer have to spend my days trying to shake the masses from the slumber of their government programming. Will we finally have truth and consequences or their great reset, where our fight continues on?

  3. 2000 years ago the Apostle John wrote in the Revelation about a time when the whole world would come under One Government that would have the ability to monitor every one day and night and control every aspect of their lives and separate the ones who comply and worship the system from the ones who worship the true God.
    What we are seeing now is prophesy coming true in our lifetime.
    The best prepping plan is a right relationship with God through Jesus.

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