Animated Intelligence Media Cartoons are the Best

Thank you to AIM Patriot Michael at Infotoons for these amazing cartoon videos that entertain and enlighten – in one powerful, fun, and short punch. Make sure to subscribe to his channel so that you can be first in your network to share his next creation:  .

Enjoy this Betsy and Thomas discussion and pass around your network to help people understand what is really going on.

Betsy and Thomas Catch a Few Swamp Gators


The American Revolution Now and Then

Patriots, please pass this video around your network. AIM Patriot Michael B. is doing a great job educating and enlightening, using his special talents – video cartooning. What are your special skills, talents, resources, and opportunities? Use them. Make a difference in the world by actually doing something! Find your passion, you’ll find your mission.

This is vital information that everyone in your network needs to know ASAP. The British are the coronavirus enemies of the world. The British are also behind the overthrow attempt of Donald Trump. The British Imperial Empire must be defeated.

Get your ‘Betsy’ on and give Rush a shout out for healing and health while you are there!

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  1. How could I ever make it through these times without y’all? Please never give out… I know you will never give up! God bless…

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