2 thoughts on “Genocidists on Attack to Destroy COVID Truth-Tellers”

  1. It’s a sad day in America when a reputable doctor,a long time health news interviewer and health writer is censored by the government. This is proof positive that his opinions have hit the bullseye on the truth target. I’ve followed Dr. Mercola for many years and he is one of the few doctors who follows his own advice. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. He is criticized by many for using his site to sell health related products that he has personally developed or approved; but as he explained many years ago, the other choice for financing his site was to allow advertisers who could dictate his content and he wanted the freedom to form his own opinions and share them with his readers. I respect his choice. You don’t have to purchase his products to read his free newsletter. Americans are in grave danger of losing their precious Constitution and Bill of Rights. In the final analysis this is what makes America exceptional. Act now, Americans, or lose it all!

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