M, Q, 007, and the Queen


Betsy and Thomas reveal what’s coming up from the mines today. While the team is finishing the final report, listen in and discover who the real person is behind James Bond 007’s “M”.

manningham buller thumbnail


Raw audio file: https://aim4truthblog.files.wordpress.com/2020/03/the-identity-of-m.wav

Also as a MP3: https://aim4truthblog.files.wordpress.com/2020/03/identity-of-m.mp3

Also read the report, now under this headline link:


defeat crown virus corona

9 thoughts on “M, Q, 007, and the Queen”

  1. Thank you. Do you know of the LaRouche pac? So much of what you say they understand to be true as well. They have solutions for removing all of these parasites who suck the life out of all of us and convince people they are only animals with no divine ability to make a better world for ourselves and all humanity. Lyndon LaRouche, the four laws for a better future for humanity. Barbara Schultz


    1. Please don’t insult us with this garbage. We are a truth site – not a wacko conspiracy site. Next time, you will be placed in the corner with a dunce hat on your head. We take our lessons very seriously in the AIM School of Truth.

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  2. There must be something more.
    What you’ve presented to us, the players.
    The Q of E
    Q squared
    Pill Bright
    Burroughs and Welcome
    Q’s Privy Council
    Senior Executive Service
    Pilgrim Society
    Lame Stream Media
    Knights of Malta
    Billy and Melinda Gates
    Clinton Cabal
    Most major Universities
    Eric Schitts
    And so on and on.
    You’ve named nearly every major significant leading organization and Government on the planet, all seemingly working hand in hand towards the same goals. Yet what are these goals, their reward for selling their souls? What is the end game scenario? How can the Allegiance to the Queen be enough to unite them in their quest?
    If the goal is to be Georgia Guidestone eske, I couldn’t imagine wanting to live in an such hell like, bland atmosphere as these rocks propose. I can only surmise that this is far more complex than on the surface level. The underlying agenda that this is a battle between good and evil. A spiritual battle, in which those that lose inherit this earthly material world, continue to reside in this third dimensional reality, warring with each other for eternity. Are we about to reach the pinnacle of this war. Douglas, you’ve alluded to the end game in your lessons yet haven’t completely tied it together at least as far as I’m aware of. I’ve an inkling of what’s ahead for us, but it’s not here in the reality in which we now permeate our consciousness. It is elsewhere. Perhaps you could expound upon this specifically in another lesson. Will there be a new planet or sun within our solar system? That is the conclusion I’ve derived from what you presented so far.

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  3. Why would God grant us another planet when we have done such a feeble job of preserving this one until we can leave in grace before the sun burns down to a massive red giant? We let ‘Lizard queens’ blow up nuclear power plants because they present a problem for a tribe of whacked out nucleotards who should never even be given plastic butter knives, let alone nuke technology. Fukushima was NOT Japanese failure. It was our failure for allowing this tribe to force themselves on others.


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