The State of Impeachment – Betsy & Thomas

The video below was posted on our Vimeo channel on January 16, 2020. Vimeo deleted our channel without warning and this video was lost. Here is a replay.

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The State of Impeachment – Betsy & Thomas


Betsy and Thomas look at the state of impeachment in this week’s episode of Drain the Swamp. For those interested in what Donald Trump has to say about John Roberts and to grab the link to all of our audios in one file, see:


See this week’s CAT REPORT:

mp3 download:


4 thoughts on “The State of Impeachment – Betsy & Thomas”

  1. Patriots, all of Aim’s videos are still active and downloadable on You Tube, with the recent developments at Vimeo and the possibility we may have some down time with a captive audience. This sounds like a great opportunity to download them and then enlighten others on your own home entertainment center not needing any internet or you tube.
    Anyone needing guidance on how to download leave me a comment.

  2. I am a loyal follower!… is this correct that Vimeo has erased your entire Channel for good not just this video your posting from January 20th reporting on on the draining of the swamp and President Trump’s comments on scumbag Roberts?… If so where will you be posting new/current video content and intelligence reports???

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