Andrew Torba’s Free Speech Policy on GAB

As we deep-dive into Gab and its co-founder Andrew Torba, we decided to preserve his views on free speech… Just in case the truths we reveal about him and Gab become “inconvenient” and we are banned from the platform.

Andrew Robert Torba. (Apr. 27, 2022). Free Speech Policy on GAB (VIDEO post). Gabriel’s Horn.


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The Andrew Torba – Yuri Milner Connection

Andrew Robert Torba, Kuhcoom Inc. (Accessed May 25, 2022). Biography. RelSci.

  • Torba graduated from University of Scranton in 2013
  • His first company was funded by Carl James Grivner , CDO, Global Xchange Ltd. (UK) and C. John Grivner, founder of Grivner Capital Group LLC; and Y Combinator
  • Y Combinator is funded by Sequoia Capital and Yuri Milner, Russian investor in Facebook
  • Carl James Givner is a UK-based financier of American startups with globalists including Fidelity, XO Communications, Cable & Wireless and IBM

Andrew Torba: Another Scranton Success?

Editor. (Apr. 01, 2012). Entrepreneurship: Seizing Your Opportunities, re. Andrew Robert Torba, Class of 2013. Scranton (University) Journal.



“For Torba, his interest in social media and marketing led him to the entrepreneurship minor, which in turn led to an internship.

The one-time political science major turned philosophy major is fascinated by the technology field and is armed with an idea for a start-up social media management platform.

After listening to Kris Jones address the class in September, Torba started a dialogue with the internet entrepreneur that eventually resulted in a marketing internship – through the minor – at a Scranton mobile app development company that Jones has provided substantial Angel capital for.

“He is advising my own start-up, and his guidance and insight are definitely helpful,” Torba says.”


Editor. (Apr. 01, 2015). University Begins Offering Entrepreneurship Major, re. Andrew Robert Torba, Class of 2013. Scranton (University) Journal.

We Are Gabbing Truth about Andrew Torba

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Disturbing Globalist Connections to Gab and Andrew Torba

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Andrew Torba – Cardboard Cutout for Pilgrims Society to Round Up Dissidents?

We will be adding all of the Gabs that we do on Torba and Gab so that if @Gabriels_Horn is removed, YOU will know why.

Editor. (Apr. 01, 2015). University Begins Offering Entrepreneurship Major, re. Andrew Robert Torba, Class of 2013. Scranton (University) Journal.

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How did it start?

What started this back and forth between McKibben and von Reitz? Mike received an email from John S. who was praising Anna for some newsletter she sent out. Mike replied to John S. with this email, which was apparently forwarded to Anna, who then wrote Michael this email (see attached hyperlink.)

Michael’s email to John S.

“I am having serious issues with some of her recent writings. I have not followed her until recently. She is showing extreme bias that essentially protects the British Empire from culpability. This corporate perspective is a distraction, seems to me. The Queen working under the Pope is not proved in the evidence I have seen. The existence of the Knights of Malta, English Priory, since 1888 proves it to be the other way around. That is a misdirection that no one can do anything about. That is the nature of good propaganda (the problem is so big and confusing as to give one a hopeless, impotent feeling). OK, so you declare yourself a natural person. Then what? This is playing in the demonic lawyer sandbox and gets us nowhere, unless I am missing something. To me, the answer is to bar lawyers from becoming bureaucrats, judges, bankers, or politicians. 

She recently disclosed she is a “good” Boston Brahmin. The Brahmins are intimately interlocked with the British Empire aristocracy, and since 1902, their collective founding of the Pilgrims Society and the interlocking of Boston, NY and London banks fueled by the slave and opium trade. The entire foundation of the Brahmins was embroiled in slaves and opium to build Boston. Can good sprout from evil? So the premise that there are “good” Brahmins that operate on the backs and money of endemic evil is dubious, or at least naïve thinking. She is claiming the benefits of that association without owning up to the utter corruptitude of that institution, not to mention its corrosive effects on the American Republic.”

For more info on the Brahmins, see our recent pieces:

Hiding American opium trade by the Boston Brahmins

Boston Brahmin Russell Sturgis and Baring Brothers of London

Boston Brahmins beneficiaries of British opium and white slave trafficking

The British monarch plot to undermine the property grants claimed by the Plymouth Pilgrims

The Masked Boston Brahmin Elitist

Citizens Write Truth History

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We have shown you the depth and scope of our research abilities, and, up to this point, have financially supported the research operation ourselves. Many in our community have offered to support our efforts, but we insisted on paying for everything for a few years to demonstrate our trustworthiness to you.

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