To Attorney Mark Seigel Law Firm in Georgia

Dear Mr. Seigel.

We have posted this CORRECTION & RETRACTION on the website:

We trust this fully satisfies your demand.


The team at and

You may also post a message to Seigel on his Web Email Form with something like this cat wrote:


Dear Mr. Seigel:

I have read your retraction and correction request sent to American Intelligence Media, and I have read their very reasonable reply and trust that this matter is concluded.

Frankly, unless I am missing something, your claims to “Old Glory Bank” make no sense since it appears to me that you have no company registered with the Georgia Secretary of State by that name, and such a bank IS registered by that name in Oklahoma that IS associated with Larry Elder and Candace Owens, so AIM spoke accurately.

The confusion over two attorneys with the same name is understandable and certainly does not rise to the level of malicious intent, which you alleged. In any event, AIM apologized for the misunderstanding and corrected that record with your own “TRUTH” words.

This is a non-issue brother, why did you make it an issue? Your vague reference to a disturbed investor is obvious procedural posturing for damages. Everyone knows that too many attorneys fabricate such stories like this every day before breakfast! Investor of what, trademarks you already hold? This appears to be a fishy rationale by a lawyer looking to cook up billable hours.

I would suggest these two “Michael P. Ring” attorneys with the same names notify the public more clearly so the confusion does not persist. Everyone knows that attorneys licensed in multiple states sometimes use local addresses on their filings. That is not unusual, esp. when representing a client Pro hac vice. This matter appears to be a huge stretch, at best, and could have been handled with a simple phone call. Such actions contribute to why the public holds attorneys and the legal profession in such low regard.

We ask that you stop your threat and move on.

We’ll be monitoring your ethics conduct.

–From: (Your Handle), a regular reader of American Intelligence Media.

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Jordan Peterson, WEF Propagandist

This YouTube video prompted a lively discussion on Jordan Peterson which you can find on YT inside the comments. A few have been placed under the video for your review.

How do demons enter the human soul

Pictured below is Jordan Peterson, WEF propagandist.

There are many more comments about Jordan Peterson under the YouTube video which can be accessed directly on YT. Below, Polly has remarks about Jordan Peterson:


This documentary can be accessed from Bitchute:

The Jews Were Busy in the 1930s

Mike is back from vacation and in the AFI mines catching up with your emails and such. AIMCat Matt sent Mike this article, to which Mike responds below:

Hi Matt,

Suggest updating “the Jews” and “the Khazars” screeds. As long as this misdirection exists, people will be trying to solve the wrong problems!

The truth is these are pagan Babylonian Radhanite merchant-bankers posing as Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews.

* The Khazarians were recruited into this ancient Babylonian pagan banking cult in about 800 AD, but they did not start it, nor are they the center of it now. To lay this banking conspiracy agenda on their shoulders will get us nowhere since it is not true, and therefore the trails will lead to nowhere. The enemy camp no doubt encourages this misdirection.

(Nice photo finds).

Also, I just did a search on the UNZ site and found only two references to “Babylon.” One discussing the disappearance of antiquities in Iraq, which touches lightly on a relevant subject (the suppression of the ancient cuneiform banking references of the Babylonian fake “Jewish” banks), and another link to an LA Times article about the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Unz Review • An Alternative Media Selection – The Unz Review

This shows that Larry Romanoff is totally committed to “The Jews” and “The Khazarians” screeds. Hopefully he has the integrity to realize that his conclusions need redrawn given the incontestable evidence of ancient pagan Babylonian usury and slavery banking and the absconding of the “Jew” moniker by these pagans.


British SERCO runs the USPTO

We received an email from a viewer. Michael McKibben gives Kent a reply. The email exchange may be helpful to truth seekers.

Kent writes:

This is quite a good video about Musk.

At about 43:00, you discuss the patent system.  

I’ve been grinding my mental gears about the USPTO for many years, and have finally gotten the picture.  See below.  

In 2000, the USPTO sent me a glossy publication bragging on their new HQ in Old Town Alexandria.  Old Town is a posh part of town.  My antenna went up way back when. 

As far as I can tell, they USPTO has become a organization that scams inventors.  In recent years, they have campaigned against inventor promotion companies, because they want that money themselves.

In 2014, it was reported at a public patent meeting that the USPTO had a slush fund of a billion dollars, and, at the same meeting, a little character named Scardino – actually Scamdino – talked about tricking Congress into giving the USPTO fee setting authority, with no Congressional oversight.  

Chrystal Sheppard, a member of the Public Patent Advisory Committee (PPAC), at page 194 in the transcript of a May 22, 2014. PPAC meeting, speaks about there being a “pot of money” and a “slush fund [of] a billion dollars.” And, just a few pages later – at page 200 – Anthony Scardino, the Chief Financial Officer at the USPTO, speaks about “lowering fees and things like that [to] give confidence and assurance to the folks on the Hill that, you know what – [we’ve] been responsible stewards of feesetting authority.”

The USPTO has so much money to squander, they produced a 244-page annual report for 2020  when Apple Corp’s annual report for 2020 was only 71 pages.

They have so much money to squander that they allow this to happen:

Patent office workers bilked the government of millions by playing hooky, watchdog finds

Michael replies:

Hi Kent,

You do smell a rat. The bigger picture is that:

British SERCO runs the USPTO.

See among others:

Search SERCO on two of our affiliate sites:

Feel free to follow up.


Mike McKibben

P.s. Here’s a good summary of our Leader saga with the USPTO corruptocrats:

Use Surety Bonds to Put Election Boards on Notice for Foreign Election Interference

We are attempting to contact to ask them to use their surety bond network to launch a nationwide attack on the FRAUDULENT election boards and commissions that REFUSE to look at the massive foreign interference in the election.

Watch this Bitchute video to learn how this can be done:

We tried contacting them through their “Contact Us” page, but it is not processing and continues to show an error on the page.

We are posting the info and links that we tried to send, but were blocked and will submit our info with a single url. We are also providing any of you in our network to join this epic disclosure of the treasonous election boards that refuse to look at the electronic election machines that are changing our votes in cyber space.

This is what we wrote to bondsforthewin, but could not upload. You don’t need to wait for the folks at bondsforthewin to take a big bite out of the Pilgrims Society operation – anyone can do this.

We are a citizen intelligence network that has been active since 2015. Our researchers provide citizens with intelligence reports that they cannot get anywhere in the media or the government. We have done extensive research into the election fraud issue and continue to warn our network that ballot harvesting is just a small part of the problem. We have found extensive foreign election interference that effects every election board in the country. Below in the “your success” part of this contact page, we list a few of our research reports.

How can we coordinate a surety bond “attack” on all elected officials on election commissions and boards who refuse to look at the overwhelming evidence of foreign election interference in our U.S. elections (and around the world as well)? It seems to us that a template could be distributed in your network, this matter could go in front of every single election official in the country. We have the ammo your group needs to put every election board on notice. Please do not dismiss this contact info. We have gathered the top researchers in the world to provide citizens with this vital info.

Here are a few of our citizen intelligence reports regarding foreign election interference in every single electronic box in the country. Any citizen could attach any or all of these links into an affidavit. Our research is evidence based.

Elon Musk’s involvement with key globalist groups

A reader from the AIM group sent us this note, after reading our latest post on Elon Musk:


Hi, AIM:

I don’t know if you included Elon Musk’s involvement with the ASU McCain Institute Sedona Forum event. The Sedona Forum is a key Globalist front organization that operates in plain sight in Arizona. The Who’s Who of Globalist stooges attend. Biden and Clinton were attendees. Eric Schmidt and other Google/Big Tech players. Lynn Rothschild is on the Board. 

There is no chance Trump didn’t know about the ASU McCain Sedona Forum — who attends (Elon Musk), what they talk about, the agenda, etc. 

Sedona 2015 event

In 2015 Elon Musk was on a panel with fraudster Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos discussing the Global Economy of all things. Why is the 19 year old Elizabeth Holmes with a semester of biology on a panel with Elon Musk at the Sedona Forum discussing the global economy? What does “her” blood testing/DNA harvesting company have to do with the global economy? Rhetorical question….I already know. (I believe my short commentary “Out For Blood” was posted on the AIM4Truth site.) — scroll down re: Lynn Forester de Rothschild/ASU McCain Institute Sedona Forum

By the way, once Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos were exposed as a fraud, In-Q-Tel invested in another blood collection company called (HOLY) GRAIL, which is connected to Illumina (a genome sequencer company also the recipient of In-Q-Tel $s) and included in the George Poste/ASU-Michael Crow GLOBAL BIOSECURITY powerpoint presentations. 

At some point, you should listen to Scottsdale, AZ  BioDefense (Sir) George Poste’s presentation on creating Synthetic Hybrid Humanoids. I have the entire videotaped presentation. Quite shocking when put in context of Michael Crow’s videotape clips admitting to the same objective. These are among the top CIA/DOD folks outright admitting all of this, and they live right near me in Arizona. Yet, no one mentions their name — particularly George Poste.

What do you make of the Elon Musk character dumping some truth via Twitter? 

And what exactly should we do with all this information?  We know that the civilian government is corrupt to its core. Is there no one that is trustworthy in the American military any longer? 

The US Petro $ is finished obviously. Are we to assume the Globalist CBDC is the final solution? I don’t think that’s the end game at all. It’s merely the end of “their system”. 

~ Kristen 

Elon Musk is a DARPA cardboard cutout fraud

Pilgrims Society Conspiracy to Retell America’s History as Pro-Monarchy

Morris. (Sep. 10, 2022). The Miseducation of Hamilton: America’s First Shadow Banker Redefines Reality. Truthstream Media. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. Source:

The Miseducation of Hamilton: America’s First Shadow Banker Redefines Reality

Truthstream Media Released Sep. 10, 2022

LESSON #1: Rockefeller Foundation (British Pilgrims Society)  funded ”edutainment” is designed to rewrite American history to promote the British monarchy and British-American bank debt slavery using fiat currency

NOTE: Alexander Hamilton was British Spy #7

Source: Major (later General Sir) George Beckwith’s agent cipher. Beckwith was the British spy chief during the American Revolution and afterwards; Douglas Brymner (1823-1902), Archivist. (1890). Report on Canadian archives, 1890, 325 pgs., pp. xli, xlii, urn: oclc: record: 262476117, published 1904. Public Archives of Canada.

Source: Major (later General Sir) George Beckwith’s agent cipher. Beckwith was the British spy chief during the American Revolution and afterwards; Douglas Brymner (1823-1902), Archivist. (1890). Report on Canadian archives, 1890, 325 pgs., pp. xli, xlii, urn: oclc: record: 262476117, published 1904. Public Archives of Canada.

Alexander Hamilton: British Pilgrim Spy and Saboteur


Fake Jews are the Radhanite Jewish Merchants from Babylon.

The Radhanite “Jewish” merchants of the Silk Road from Spain to China were thoroughly Babylonian, not Hebrew, not semitic; they wrote the Talmud and fabricated Yiddish as a secret trading language as parts of their schtik*

* schtik – (Yiddish) a devious trick; a bit of cheating; “how did you ever fall for a shtik like that?”

Claiming to be “Jewish” was a banking and merchant advantage (the opposite of the antisemitic schtick at present)

They were also the spies of the Silk Road (now we know that the Rothschilds did not invent usury, they simply carried on their Radhanite heritage)

Hence, most of the “Jewish” banking, business and corporate leaders are merely modern day Babylonian pagans who have worshipped Mammon, Moloch and Ba’al (Beelzebub) for 4,000 years. They are merely hiding behind “antisemitism” as non-semites

Were the “pogroms” actually banking false flags to run from the debt slavery they they created wherever they operated? This new research points to this. Was it a way to allow their insiders to run from the crushing debt they had created inside an internal debt “Jubilee” meant only for their cronies?

Moshe Gil. (Sep. 01, 1974). The Rādhānite Merchants and the Land of Rādhān. Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, Vol. 17, No. 3 (Sep., 1974), pp. 299-328 (30 pages). Brill. Source:

King Charles’ Sausage Fingers and Face Rash Point to 5-P Syndrome

We asked our in-house not-a-doctor. (Gab at @notadoc) for his opinion about these sausage fingers. He attempted to give us a reply, but Gab would not let him post – gave him a code 403. But that doesn’t stop cats from finding other ways to disseminate the info.

He writes:

“I posted some things on his medical condition back around the time of the funeral.

My diagnosis (that you can take to the bank) is that Charlie 3.0 has “5-P syndrome.”

“5-P syndrome.”: Piss Poor Protoplasm Poorly Put-together.

(I once worked with a great elderly doctor who actually put that on the patient’s chart. The front office actually came to me for input, because they couldn’t find “5-P syndrome” in the medical code book.)

No one can truly make a diagnosis, without a thorough medical history and physical exam. A lot of the diagnosis are a “smorgasbord.”

One rule of medicine: the more common things occur more commonly. That comes from the medical saying “when you hear hoofbeats, don’t think of zebras.” One of my roommates in medical school was from Uganda. He would always say, I think of zebras. (He actually had a zebra skin shield that he once used to protect himself from automatic weapons carried by Masi worriers. He also moved to the back of his clan.).

The first thing I noticed was the “butterfly rash” on his face. That is, frequently considered lupus, which is an autoimmune disease. (More common in women). Lupus may also have swelling and arthritis in the fingers, etc.. Sarcoidosis is another autoimmune disease which can have the sausage fingers and a rash.

Having an emergency medicine foundation, on every patient I think of what would be the worst condition. Before that patient leaves my presence, I have to make sure that I have evaluated for that. It is tacky when the patient dies Immediately after your evaluations. (I’ve seen it happen). With the swelling, and especially with his age, (and today, anyone who has been jabbed), you have to rule out heart failure. A close one behind that would be renal failure. Typically, those swellings begin in the feet and progress up the body and eventually shortness of breath and then failure. You can have any type of vascular problem along with various arthritis’, TB along with TB medications.

Another medical saying: Any type of rash can be syphilis. Infections can cause a rash and swelling. You can even have an arthritic syphilis. When I did a little research last month, they included chlamydia causing this form of rash also.

The reality is, the various diagnoses might be a multitude. Then add all of the treatment side effects. With these symptoms, and his age, these processes have probably been going on for some time now. Seeing that he has a lot of symptoms in the autoimmune section of the smorgasbord, I am sure that he has been on some steroids. If he has swelling, he is probably on diuretics. And then you have the side effects of these medications individually and combined.

Another major and forgotten medical saying: Never leave your patient alone with a specialist. Make sure that you always leave a nurse with a specialist for the protection of the patient. Rarely will a specialist consider other body parts except their specialty. It is like they have blinders on. You know Charlie has been seen by a lot of specialists. One specialists won’t want to offend another specialist, therefore treatments are stacked upon other treatments. Those in emergency medicine and theoretically family practice, are more of the generalist that are looking at all the systems together. But the only way that you can make a diagnosis, is consider that it is a possible diagnosis and then test for it. “Test don’t guess.”

What Charlie needs is to be “detoxified,” and then given “nurture.”

He will never get these. I am sure his cabal has some “super – hidden treatments.” But can those advanced treatments overcome decades of lifestyle?

Charlie 3.0 is a short timer. Could he be a “little horn”?