The Parable of St. Germain

By AIMCat Peter Little Stone

Douglas and Tyla Gabriel follow the teachings of Rudolph Steiner and St. Germain.  This intuitive approach allows for many invaluable insights.  I will extract several relevant comments from their allegory and translate them into my own Christian framework.

I often stand at the threshold to protect developing aspirants from untimely accidents that might lead to death.

Therefore, this conversation I am having with you now will also be shared with others at different times. Time doesn’t exist for consciousness either. Time and space are easily manipulated by consciousness.

The fact that time doesn’t exist for higher consciousness.

The military researchers at major universities were able to work together in a coordinated fashion. Innovation and effectiveness came from combining the efforts of many computers being operated by many people. Together, the unified efforts of the group became greater than the individual efforts of each university. A type of technological group think tank or group consciousness arose.

At the heart of the internet is a cold, dark, dissonance that is anti-life oriented and is stealing the warmth, light, harmony, and life.

Lucifer and Ahriman also work together and try to eliminate the truly human qualities that should reign over the middle realm of the heart, what we call the higher ego or the Christ.” 

Yes, he will and in the end it will be the author of his death. Humans and machines should not cross over their independent territories. We have enough problems with mad-scientists blending DNA from plant to animals and from animals to human.

When woven together with other minerals that have seemingly been given “life,” scientists have created a new kingdom of nature.

 “Thou sawest the iron mixed with the miry clay, but they shall not cleave one to another, even as the iron is not mixed with the clay.”  This is a key verse in Daniel that refers to several world control groups.  One is that of technology joined with the Bodhisattva.  They have had a multi-generational alliance that is beginning to break down. One is the effort to inject nanobots of DNA quantum computers with antenna that will receive external input as a case in point.

I like the reference to being outside of time.  Certainly, I am nearly the same age as Douglas and Tyla.  I can look back on a number of extraordinary experiences that were ‘loose ends’ in my own cosmology.  All of a sudden they take on an entirely different meaning.  For example the time that I was walking across Cochise Stronghold from the west side to the east side in a meditative state:  Normally that walk would take a minimum of 4 hours, but I did it in a fraction of that time, as though I had physically transported.  Yet, I distinctly remember each step of my walk.  The only incongruent element was the time dilation or in this case time constriction.

Another time, I was learning to exercise my faith by taking risks that today I would consider ridiculous.  Yet, I did it with a pure mind and intent and supernatural events unfolded, some of which only now make sense, such as how could a shooting star coincide with escape from a dangerous situation?  Using Douglas Gabriel’s astrophysics model, our DNA fractal parallels the cosmic fractal of the planets in tow with the sun.  In times of stress, this cosmic energy is available.  Within the Christian framework, “when sin abounds, grace will abound that much more”.

The technological group think suggested by Gabriel with computer technology of the internet, now underway by being injected directly into humans through vaccines, is truly that fulfillment of the prophecy in Daniel, where it is suggested that the Dark Ones will worship a ‘god of forces’ and not the God of their fathers.

Perhaps the most dangerous analogy suggested by Gabriel is the Ahriman/Lucifer archetype because for most Christians that I know personally, this is their biggest fear.  That same fear prevents them from understanding that Lucifer DOES NOT EXIST for the believer.  See Revelation 17:8.  There is a clear difference between psychic group minds whether organic as exemplified by the Tibetan monks or technological as exemplified by Illuminati, DARPA, & company.  These psychic group minds are not supernatural.  They are illusion.  Once the veil is pierced then real spiritual growth can begin.

The cold dark dissonance at the heart of the Internet, is the desire for the imprisoned ‘worm or sarx’ of Satan to escape this planet.  It hopes to do this by encapsulating corrupt DNA into some form that will allow it to escape the 90,000 degree barrier that surrounds the sun and its planets in tow.  Can’t be done.  It is a false hope by the father of lies, caught within its own web.


Incarnations of Ahriman and Lucifer