Chris Marcus Exposes Truth About Texas Electric Grid Outage


One of our favorite #SilverSqueeze experts is Chris Marcus who lives in Texas and has been experiencing the electric grid shutdown in freezing Texas. His home has no heat or electric so he is staying in a hotel room. In the videos below, he takes you through a walk in downtown Austin and shows you his disgusting BOMBSHELL about JP Morgan Chase and the electric company.

How many people died because of this


Thanks for turning my power back on!


How many people did JP Morgan’s parking garage kill last night


Learn more about the Texas power outage from the editor of State of the Nation in this blockbuster report:

TEXAGEDDON: A False Flag Geoterrorist Operation With Multiple Nefarious NWO Goals


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2 thoughts on “Chris Marcus Exposes Truth About Texas Electric Grid Outage”

  1. This is a rant on the Texas grid loss that will probably fall on death ears. People seem to be pointer fingers everywhere and don’t seem to understand the four pointing at themselves. I do feel bad for the people dealing with this and wish them the best, but this is a multi generational problem that will come to many places throughout this country. As far as the Texas grid goes it is three generations into just band aid repairs and worked on by under educated worker and engineers that neglected proper maintenance, building standards, power line sectionalizing, and powering down power plants to deal with the low load in real time. As power goes down, they also need to deal power quality and balancing load between the three phase generators. That being said the blackouts did occur, so as a responsible human being and home owner/renter I should have generator, space heater, blankets, clothing layers, and if need be out of state family/ hotel after I shut off water main. No reason for anyone to be dying with marginal thought process, but I’m just as guilty for I owned a not well-built home all for the reason of price. It is my responsibility to make sure the home was built by qualified/educated workers that meet my standards of quality(insulated) home. Everything boils down to generations pushing for the most profit and cheapest stuff to make our quality of lives better.
    I learned about this site from seeking the truth about GME stock and thank you for the well written article that enlighten me that the 2008 crash will probably keep happening as long as stock gambling(options) is around.

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