Overthrowing the rogue U.S. intelligence community

Betsy and Thomas review the latest on the intelligence community, including John Ratcliffe’s appointment as Director of the ODNI and where Ric Grenell may wind up. Also what’s up with CIA Gina Haspel who has been laying low, staying off the Trump radar.

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Raw audio file: https://truthbits.blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/overthrow-of-the-rogue-intelligence-community.mp3


10 thoughts on “Overthrowing the rogue U.S. intelligence community”

  1. I am sure that I have shared as well as the rest of your keyboard warriors every alternative media personality in our subscriptions, including Judicial Watch, your and Micheal’s information, channels and websites. Oh they stop by and steal some memes from you occasionally for their programs. Yet they languish in the slow drip, drip coming out from MSM, limited hangout Q, and the occasional declassification from the swamp. It’s seems like they don’t want the whole story, it’s bad for business, they wouldn’t have anything to base their daily diatribe on, to keep that money flowing, and their audience’s attention.
    They are as guilty as the Main Stream Media in the spin and selective reporting, they are not Patriots at all, they truly are doing a disservice to their audiences. They want to call themselves Journalists, when all they are is two bit wanna bees, milking this for every dime they can. Downright Shameful if not criminal!

    1. We like to consider ourselves volunteers in the Presidential Intelligence Advisory Group. Not at all in league with propagandists, liars, and reporters.

      1. Volunteers? That sounds good on the cover. Yet I see it as, we are performing our civic duties. Duties that are necessary to keep the Republic flourishing, prosperous and to keep government under heel of their duties and responsibilities to the people. For far to long complacency and failure to perform these tasks have allowed us to fall from grace in jeopardy of losing the gains our founders fought for. When one only veiws monetary rewards worthy of their efforts, sight is lost of the true purpose our existence. For far to long and in many aspects of our straying from this responsibility, in the service to self atmosphere the effects (Karmic Consequences) are the evidence, defining the cause. Perhaps the missteps were somewhat our founders fault by not delineating the people as the most integral aspect of good governance, yet I doubt they could have conceived of how far man fell into negligence and moral decline. Hopefully this lesson can be learned without more hardships and suffering, though that seems to be the best teacher of all.

  2. Your information is the leading edge, and at least 3 years ahead of what is currently being acted upon. I can only hope that the good guys might catch up to where you are!

    Thanks for pushing us all ahead!

  3. As I have said before I appreciate the insight you provide but I am concerned with this attitude of revenge and punishment you espouse and I wonder how that goes with your desire for Consciousness and a higher plane of understanding and eventually Love.
    The USA Federal Government is a corporation. The People are the shareholders and we elect the Board Of Directors which is the Representatives in The House Of Representatives. The employees of this corporation are no different than the employees of Amazon. They do as the shareholders demand through the Board. You cannot belittle the employees and expect them to all walk out of their job when they make so much money doing as they have always done. Go ahead and arrest them and see what happens.
    100 years ago the Republicans controlled all three branches of government and canceled the Constitution by removing our Representation yet no seems to care. All we do is bitch, complain and say, “someone should go to jail”. Pitiful.
    Instead of 30,000 we are at 700,000+ how do I or we get the representation the Constitution gave us? How was Congress able to limit the House? They say it is because the building cannot hold anymore desks. Why not make the House 100 people ? What is so special about 435?
    Google it yourself and read the Constitution or give up and bitch … 1 per 30,000.

    1. We are fighting a war. Stop being a word pussy. This is an Information War. Offensive words will be used to slay the enemy. I have seven children and a family to protect and will use all tools at hand to keep them from harm’s way. Plus we have several firearms and you should see what a good shot Betsy is….plus we write about spiritual matters. Yes, we can embrace all of this in one beautiful expression of being an engaged citizen.

  4. Whenever I hear the words Social Distance, it reminds of the words Socialism which is another name for Cimmunism . I trull admired what The President of Brzil stated. These thugs on the fake cov19 want one thing! Your freedom ! Social distance and wearing masks is irresponsible medical advice which is extremely dangerous to a person complying. Just ask the Independent Doctors. Do not ever listen to the lying politicians.
    Our number one greatest threat is the extremely dangerous CENSORSHIP by google traitors and your tube. We must find a way to destroy them and out smart them.

    1. We should take out the towers now that we KNOW THE TRUTH COVID19+5G = DEATH =NEW WORLD ORDER

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