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amazing polly quit tweet
Here’s the tweet

Was she there all along to protect the Crown Agents by entertaining you up to the point that you didn’t quite make the connection between the overthrow attempt of Donald Trump and the Privy Council?

polly tweet


What prompted this tweet, inquiring minds wonder? It came just after we posted the info below on a Cat Report of April 14, 2020.

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AIM Patriot Curtis leaves a suggestion:

Tyla asks in Vaccine Wars, “What does it take for us to wake the world up and point to the city of London with the Queen as being ground zero for the invisible enemy?” I recommend that you consider enlisting Amazing Polly’s assistance, specifically, her presentation skills evidenced in her latest videos. I can see that AIM has an incredible story to tell, but the real question is “What type of delivery is needed for the information to be effectively absorbed, so that people feel prompted to take action to share the information.” I can only speak for myself, but Amazing Polly’s presentation is the best that I’ve seen – period. She introduces her presentation by starting with a picture of faces, with their names and what organization they belong to and how the organizations are linked. Then, she continues with details. Finally, she takes you back to the original picture and provides one with a summary. If the audience wants further details, she has links below her message.

Our reply:

Polly is a Canadian and can’t go all the way with truth. As a Canadian citizen she is a Commonwealth subject of the Batshit Queen. She can never report about the genocide activities of the British Imperial Empire or how the Privy Council planned and executed the overthrow of Donald Trump using their underground army called the Senior Executive Services.

sambei and Saunders

Because of her citizenship in Canada she can not take you all the way to truth, whether she knows it or not. Propaganda takes all kinds of forms. If she was so “good” why hasn’t she reported on QinetiQ, the theft of social media, the overthrow of Donald Trump by the Privy Council? Why hasn’t she reported on Arvinder Sambei, Alison Sanders and Robert Hannigan’s direct involvement in U.S. affairs from 9-11 to the current ones in trying to destroy America? Why is she mute on Pirbright, the Cobbett Hill Earth Station, Elizabeth Manningham-Buller, Richard Dearlove?

dearlove steele halper

Her videos are nice. We enjoy them, too. Her research is good, but because she can’t speak the deep truths about the Queen and her evil entourage, she protects the Queen. Surprised that more of you haven’t figured this out yet. We thank Polly for her research and videos, but ultimate truth about the Monarch and the Evil Empire won’t be on Polly’s channel.


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  1. I am disappointed by your judgement and harsh criticism of Polly. Everyone is not you, she presented the information she was able to find, organize and share. She contributed in her own way, which is one more bit of the truth. I am sure her information and presentation was precisely what some people needed. She is not any less of a contributor because she did not link everything back to the queen as you do. Perhaps that is your mission, but it does not mean it is necessarily hers.

    1. We said we liked her research. We enjoy her show and post her often, but she has limitations in that she cannot fully expose the Privy Council’s operation because she is a Canadian citizen and they are not permitted to discuss the Queen’s business in this manner. So get over yourself and ask why someone that would be so vested in her program would up and quit.

      1. I agree and left a comment on her blog about her inability to discuss sensitive issues of Canada and UK. She didn’t return a comment.She has a pleasant show but you and your staff get to the real nitty gritty and I wouldn’t miss a day without listening to you. God bless you

      2. If anything she is a conspirator with a ton of help from oligarchy such as yourselves. Propaganda and phoney made up research. She is a tool for Conservative party or oligarchy wanting to stir up dissent in both countries.

    2. Thank you, Shala, for your insights into Amazing Polly.
      As someone who is residing in Canada, I am mighty proud of the hard work she put in, apparently all on her own.
      So, cut her some slack, Tyla.
      She doesn’t have the research team “in the mines” as you have.
      Ask Mr McKibbon what he thinks of her work.
      Perhaps Polly could contribute in the future as part of his research team.

      We’re all doing the best we can.
      It is not the time to turn on each other.

      1. No slack given to a shills for the Queen. We did NOT say that her work was insufficient. She provides good research- but it is LIMITED. We are just pointing out her boundaries. She can never report on the Queen’s operation to OVERTHROW Donald Trump. She is a Canadian and has her legal limits on what she can report. So let loose of those pearls you are clutching and see the truth in front of you. .

      2. Polly only quit Twitter.
        I’m disappointed to hear such rhetoric from you, as if you have a corner on truth. There are many individuals contributing and no one person has it all. Sorry! And you Tyla, with your gutter language and slang, it’s quite repulsive and reflects your low vibration (in spite of your self proclaimed intelligent). You reveal yourself every time you open your mouth.

      3. Obviously you don’t have what it takes to fight the Great Information War, you word-coward who can not call out the bullshit of Bill Gates and others for fear that your pretty little panties will wad up and choke you. Pplly can never take you to full disclosure becasue she is a Canadian. We did not disrespect the work her handlers give her to read and we certainly did not say she quit anything but her self-proclaimed twitter “I quit”. So go back into your troll hole or your safe space, snowflake.

      4. The fact that Amazing Polly is being attacked in this way makes me all the more certain that she is having an effect on the viewership and is competition to this blog; therefore I will continue to seek Polly out and to listen to her with great interest.

      5. Polly is absolutely NO competition to this blog…We post her material when she presents material that benefits our own research. Her research will always be limited for our audience and suspect because she is a subject of a British Commonwealth – Canada. And the British propaganda and shills are running in overdrive these days.

  2. good call on polly the timestamp was dead giveaway> 9:20= 11, Apr/04 – 14= 4+1+4=9 or 11 9 > 911

  3. I watched enough of Polly’s videos to know the essence of her mode and messages. I watched about 15 of them – quit a year ago. I watched her entire recent video about Event 201. Ace work. My best guess is that Polly’s life would be in much higher danger if she started talking about issues related to the House of Windsor Mafia Crime Family and their child sex trafficking, adrenochrome addiction, war mongering, satanic sicknesses. She lives on Crown land. And Justin Trudeau is about as evil as a person can be. If she was not controlled opposition, or heavily protected, then her sort of work has already put her life in much danger. I am happy to sign my full name – which is traceable. There is a war against child sex trafficking and globally organized child abuse and I personally don’t care who knows that I am 100% supporting the side that is cleaning this up. I do not fear these satanists. Not one bit.

  4. I like Amazing Polly and will continue to listen to her. However, I love my Thomas and Betsy and conclave folks, Leader Technology, etc through it all. In fact, all of this confirms AIM is truth in a world of pure lies. The fact that so many citizen journalists are seeing and saying what AIM has already said is amazing and a direct line from the Almighty Himself telling this Girl to listen even closer. I don’t need a deep examination by Polly when I get that from AIM. Her audience is still getting their piece and is acting on what they are receiving from her. All this tells me is that God is in control and using all whom are willing to beam facts out to those who have an ear to heart. I feel no fear and see hope in all those who are waking up. Now it might be deep but it is still truth. Thank you AIM for all that you guys do to give me sound logic and thinking. By the way, I remember your tidbit about the Chinese men procreating over in Africa because of their horrible population control policies. See how God brought all of that out in such a public way? My Sister, who also an avid listener (my Sister and my Mom have no choice but to be listeners when they are in my car) says that I know just enough about the Chinese-African connection to be dangerous!

  5. America will soon be destroyed !!

    The Lord has made a way out, for those who will accept the “Full Word of God.”

    The Lord Jesus Christ stated:
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    Watch this amazing testimony on YouTube:
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    Russia now has a missile which can destroy a nation the size of France or a state the size of Texas, destruction is one button push away.

    The Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of “FORNICATION” and Homosexuality…..
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    Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to FORNICATION, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of everlasting fire.

    Do you see any fornication and or homosexuality in this day ???

  6. Nobody else I know of in Truth News has reveled what AIM has! You/we are the gold standard! A very grateful heart this Post Easter week!

    1. She is a shill for the Crown Agents. Enjoy the little things she offers, but when we see her, we see an actress reading her script to keep YOU the truth seeker from looking at the Whore of England and the British Imperial Empire.

      1. She was an actress in college,where she studied Marxist Women’s Studies. She’s an occultist artist. I’m sure you’ve found her art by now? Many researchers have. She’s a fraud.

      1. Why do you think? I can imagine a multitude of reasons or no reason at all.

      2. Because he is going to Sun Tzu jiu-jitsu all of the Pilgrims’ sorry asses by vaxxxx-murdering everybody except the Pilgrims (as bank collateral damage) and then he will single-handedly round up the Pilgrims from their deep underground “malefactoring” bunkers and ship them down to GITMO which will be guarded by Hanson Robotics’ Philip K. Dick robo-cops forevermore causing the DOW Jones Industrial Avg, S&P500, and NASDAQ indices to soar past the Kármán line and then past the heliopause.

        (Now look at the cartoon narrative running in your noggin trying to do the convoluted karmic acrobatics where you believe that with Trump all things are miraculously possible, especially if one kills wearing the right costume. Wisdom can be found only in truth and truth can be found in consequences.)

  7. She has the same insincere swivelling eyes of Dave janda. I don’t really trust her. That bit about her being unable to criticize the queen and the other royal parasites is a load of rubbish too,Slagging off the royal family is a national pastime in the UK. I also dot know where the phrase “Pilgrim Society” sprung from all of a sudden. The people we need to watch are the committee of 300/The Olympians headed by the illegitimate queen. Its worth keeping an eye on Prince Harry as through his mother he is of the Arthurian Royal bloodline and has obviously split from the firm and is now living in the USA. Is he staying out of the way pending some major event then returning to claim the throne of England?

    1. It is illegal for the Queen’s subjects to research her financial business. Call her what you like, but you are unable to do the research needed to expose her crime of releasing coronavirus from Pirbright into Wuhan.

  8. That’s ok, she gives us a piece of the puzzle, it takes watching many channels to discern all the information. We like to think for ourselves and include many researchers.There is nothing wrong with that

    1. We made no conclusion other than pointing out her limited abilities, as a Canadian citizen and subject of the Queen, to provide ultimate truth of the swamp and the overthrow attempt of Donald Trump.

    2. And she’s still on Twitter. Another attention ploy. She’s done it many times when she posed as a narcissism expert on YouTube between 2016 and 2018 before reinventing herself as a sociopolitical researcher.

  9. Polly says that she will focus on YouTube after withdrawing from twitter. That move is being made because twitter is such a toxic echo atmosphere that wastes so much time. Does not sound like she is being chased away by the Royalist unloyalist faction. Most of their effort seems to be from alarmist factions who can’t trust Trump to fully drain the swamp as he promised. They want to jump to the last chapter of the book without waiting for disclosure, indictments, convictions, suicides, confessions, and other developments that will surely lead to those in UK leadership who colluded with Hillary, Obama, and the usual suspects. Forget about Reptilian Royals, or Tar and Feathering the aristocracy. Grab some popcorn and find an easy chair to watch the show. What will be, will be such that NO ONE among those who are guilty is immune from this point onward.

    1. We have pointed out her limitations. She can never report on the INVISIBLE ENEMY as she is the Queen’s chattel as a Canadian citizen. She will only take you so far.

  10. We are all tilting at the same windmills. We ride different mounts. Our weapons vary. Celebrate one another’s victories. Tend to those wounded. The enemy has legions. Be strong. Stay united. Have faith. Learn from one another. Never give up.

  11. This is outrageous! She should not quit! She has woken so many people! Are you kidding me? Her info may be at times speculative, but I have enjoyed her connective thoughts and ramifications… hey girl! Keep it up!

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