Elon Musk’s involvement with key globalist groups

A reader from the AIM group sent us this note, after reading our latest post on Elon Musk:


Hi, AIM:

I don’t know if you included Elon Musk’s involvement with the ASU McCain Institute Sedona Forum event. The Sedona Forum is a key Globalist front organization that operates in plain sight in Arizona. The Who’s Who of Globalist stooges attend. Biden and Clinton were attendees. Eric Schmidt and other Google/Big Tech players. Lynn Rothschild is on the Board. 

There is no chance Trump didn’t know about the ASU McCain Sedona Forum — who attends (Elon Musk), what they talk about, the agenda, etc. 

Sedona 2015 event

In 2015 Elon Musk was on a panel with fraudster Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos discussing the Global Economy of all things. Why is the 19 year old Elizabeth Holmes with a semester of biology on a panel with Elon Musk at the Sedona Forum discussing the global economy? What does “her” blood testing/DNA harvesting company have to do with the global economy? Rhetorical question….I already know. (I believe my short commentary “Out For Blood” was posted on the AIM4Truth site.)

https://aim4truth.org/2020/06/12/cat-report-431/ — scroll down re: Lynn Forester de Rothschild/ASU McCain Institute Sedona Forum

By the way, once Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos were exposed as a fraud, In-Q-Tel invested in another blood collection company called (HOLY) GRAIL, which is connected to Illumina (a genome sequencer company also the recipient of In-Q-Tel $s) and included in the George Poste/ASU-Michael Crow GLOBAL BIOSECURITY powerpoint presentations. 

At some point, you should listen to Scottsdale, AZ  BioDefense (Sir) George Poste’s presentation on creating Synthetic Hybrid Humanoids. I have the entire videotaped presentation. Quite shocking when put in context of Michael Crow’s videotape clips admitting to the same objective. These are among the top CIA/DOD folks outright admitting all of this, and they live right near me in Arizona. Yet, no one mentions their name — particularly George Poste.

What do you make of the Elon Musk character dumping some truth via Twitter? 

And what exactly should we do with all this information?  We know that the civilian government is corrupt to its core. Is there no one that is trustworthy in the American military any longer? 

The US Petro $ is finished obviously. Are we to assume the Globalist CBDC is the final solution? I don’t think that’s the end game at all. It’s merely the end of “their system”. 

~ Kristen 

Elon Musk is a DARPA cardboard cutout fraud