Betsy and Thomas are the Voices of America

We had some issues with WordPress and weren’t able to load up the last few audios. Here they are as a basket of goodies. The bottom audios are linked to a separate page, so click the headline to access the audio.

Raw audio file:

Obama’s biological father was the founder of Subud –Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo


Sunset for Sundance


Betsy and Thomas are the Voices of America


A few memes to pass around in your downlines.



5 thoughts on “Betsy and Thomas are the Voices of America”

  1. Recently I’ve had run ins with quite a few maskers, leaving me no doubt that if the GLOBALISTS succeed in this pharmaceutical take over, that they will willingly take any action necessary to ensure everyone’s compliance with their doctrines of vaccinations, tracing and tracking. The prophetic vision of the future you posited at the end of the audio left me confused. Anyone else confused?
    Not the war of all against all, but a prelude to this war, we are experiencing now. The result of this mini war could have the possibility of multiple outcomes in which we have alternative timelines and depending on our and other people’s actions, successes and failures. One scenario we die under the oppressive hand of rouge government and corporations, the other a V shaped recovery wherein we get a white robe and are protected from this tyranny. The latter seems virtually impossible without divine intervention or a complete reprogramming of the masses. The former seems the likely progression, prediction. With so much at stake how do we prepare. Still I realize that it is a matter of one’s on perception in how they view the future. I’ll keep praying for guidance.


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