The Genocide Agenda of the Rockefeller Foundation

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Rockefeller Foundation Is A Criminal Enterprise Trying to Destroy the United States and President Trump


Eustace Mullins and the One World Order

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    When the British Tested their Nukes on Australia & New Zealand.

    Australian Atomic Confessions:

    Maralinga Mystery

    When Australia Tried to Nuke a Rain Forest – Dark Footage

    In this documentary they mention the RNZAF detecting radiation over the pacific.

    They picked it up over NZ they were up with Geiger counters they were ordered to do so . that was the whole point and deliberate intention of many of the tests – experiments

    Note Maralinga was one test site there were others

    Taranaki 26.6 kilotons of TNT Hiroshima’s “Little Boy ” gravity bomb

    13=E2=80=9318 Nagasaki’s “Fat Man ” gravity bomb 19=E2=80=9323

    Taranaki is a place in NZ . This test was from a Balloon the Fall out and the test was designed to travel that far as other tests also were.

    They they British blasted Australia more in one test . than the American did Hiroshima.

    Thank you Britain . They are a pack of Dangerous LUNATICS!

    South Africans also have experience with these Lunatics ? Does it Surprise you ?

    They are capable of worse than this . though Articles on the creepy as all hell medical side of this massive experiment what I am saying is the entire NZ and Australian populations were post WW2 THEIR GUINEA PIGS.

    From 1957-78, body parts were taken from corpses for radio-logical tests without the next of kin being asked for permission or even informed.

    Nuclear and government agencies seemed particularly interested in radio-logical testing of dead children.

    because of concerns about strontium-90 contamination and its potential impact on growing bones.

    A few articles about this ‘body snatcher’s scandal are posted here … charged-over-official-secrets-gun-20161223-gthdwv.html

    Australia still has one small reactor . some nasty people attempting to breach its security were caught .

    Anything Nuclear is like bait to cockroaches and an issue as to where to place Nuclear Waste.

    They are probably intending to put the waste from above in the same areas? probably using a similar kind of using a useless British clean up method?

    When ever they want to really LIE and Get away with it they have a ROYAL COMMISSION which they did cClelland%20Royal%20Commission%20or,soldiers%20for%20testing%20nuclear%20weapons.

    As they always do findings_and_alleged_bias

    Don’t bash the Aborigines . they are OK . they have suffered enough . but people do not realize they tested everyone in NZ and AUSTRALIA.

    I do not know if there is an Israeli connection?.

    After all of the Above Australia TODAY is scrambling as fast as it can to get some decent long range defence.

    This Debacle These Tests in the 1950’s-1960′ were not part of any long term Military Strategy it was cynical use and abuse of the NZ and Australian people.

    Australia to spend $270b building larger military to prepare for ‘poorer, more dangerous world and rise of China.

    The real issue with fighting other people’s wars (and then letting them experiment on your own people as repayment) is they do not repay the favour or say thank you and leave your country vulnerable and completely undefended, which they have in the past and continue to do so, which Australia is.

    Australia is undefended and undefendable in its present condition and only holds 1 months fuel reserves.

    China is currently waging an economic security and cyber war against it. AUSTRALIA NEEDS IT’S OWN NUKE’S.

    Because . as we all know the Korean Manchurian – Mongolia Barbecue is going to start soon.

    The Political Fall out is that it is hard to get people to accept this technology as an effective way for Australia to punch above it weight IN DEFENCE and let its

    enemies know they stand the chance of wearing a Nuke . the British as we know are worse than useless!.

    Many here do not realize Australia to them is a bigger version of Hong Kong . if they lose it NO BIG DEAL . let’s get one fact straight

    Ernest Rutherford . a New Zealand Scientist . is the father of Modern Nuclear Science.

    Nuclear Technology could have been used to benefit the world and solve its problems not create more.

    The Anti Nuclear Nuclear Free Policy in NZ has communist Origins designed to split the ANZUS alliance and leave the region open for invasion.

    That at least has worked!


    Revelation . THE FINAL BATTLE .

    A negative lucifer-satanic cult . hybrid puppets of inter dimensional negative soul predators . are preying on ensouled humanity . they control – exploit – torment us ! Prodigal Souls . Awaken! . Wake Up! . Wake Up! to this clarion call!

    Remember, we are immortal spiritual beings . soul droplets . dreaming within Beloved God . the Ocean of Love . as prodigal souls, we are having a transitory human experience . in Beloveds human kindergarten . for soul evolvement . we cannot be a positive ensouled human BE ing . if we are doing harm to others . rather Meditate on the path of . Awareness . Awakening . Understanding . Compassion . Forgiveness . Unconditional Love.

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