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We have joined Gab and will be uploading content every day. Our content will be an eclectic mix of Neoanthroposophy, spiritual musings, kitties, as well as our unique style of deciphering world politics.

We realize that Gab needs some fine-tuning, but feel confident that the issues of speed and delivery will be resolved. In the meantime, please jump on board and be the first to follow us at

4 thoughts on “Gabriels on Gab”

  1. I am looking forward to being able to connect with you on Gab. So far all of my attempts to sign up have failed. I will keep doing it until I do. thanks. Gary

    1. It took us a week, too. And Cloudflare is using their big techno-muscle to time out their servers, but we know that this attack on free speech won’t last much longer.

  2. Google me this. Created a new account with the Brave browser. Attempted to post a comment with Dr Paul Cottrell’s youtube channel, but couldn’t. It asked me for my email address. I provided my new one, based on the Brave browser. Google didn’t recognize it and asked if I wished to create a Google account. Bottom line! By owning the network back bone, Google has the ability to impend on our freedom of speech. What do you want to bet, that their next move is to totally squash the other networks my brothers and sisters, so there is only ONE network backbone. Why did we give up control of the backbone? ONE guess, pun INTENDED. This is simply another war front that is unfolding in front of our eyes. Wake up my brothers and sisters! This FREE platform that we are on, is ONLY an ILLUSION of FREEDOM. They are tracking and capturing EVERYTHING YOU and I are typing – in REAL TIME. It’s time to escape this MATRIX. Now I understand why Obama gave up control of IP assignment.

    This post ties into my immediate previous post above. One of the alternative news sources is preparing for battle by moving their content to gab. I attempted to establish an account there under my Brave browser. It wouldn’t accept me with my new email address, but wouldn’t tell me why. I changed browsers back to FireFox and tried it there, using my old email address, based on Google. Voila! It worked fine. So …. if the new territory you are moving to is a Google based app, meaning you have an account with them (so they can record and track us mice), then you are good to go – as in you are tagged and trackable. Can you feel that noose tightening? So, secondary to my earlier post, giant Google can also, buy up their competing apps. and suppress free speech in that fashion. How many war fronts are there – cyber, health, jobs, food, political, Constitutional and etc.?

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