Humanity under GENOCIDE attack by Vatican and Rothschilds

Michael Swinwood, a Canadian attorney, summarizes the backstory of who (W.H.O.) is behind global genocide. The Anonymous Patriots have posted enormous amounts of material on our sites to verify that Swinwood’s statements are historically accurate. Use the search bar at any of these sites to see the evidence – just type in ‘genocide’, ‘vaccines’, ‘Rothschilds’, ‘Klaus Schwab” or words like this to examine our research.



Time for citizens everywhere to RISE UP!

2 thoughts on “Humanity under GENOCIDE attack by Vatican and Rothschilds”

  1. We all can benefit from review of ex-Vatican cardinal, pen-named, ‘Avro Manhattan’ in his personal record and history of the Vatican/British Empire’s efforts to destroy and steal all that is America. Available for between $4.00 and $400.00 and maybe still on Facebook, depending on the week, PLEASE read ‘The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance, 1982. AIM gets another year of A++++++++++++++++….for delivering what is the most straight forward and expeditious road to understanding who is doing what to who under the guise of these European nut-cases’ CJ ‘End Times’ pageantry. The Lord would never destroy this planet, but these genetic slag pretenders are hot at it.


  2. Pentagon Vaccine To Kill Religious Center of Brain

    Reiner Fuellmich has said that he has heard from clients who have said “God has left my body” after having received the vaccine.


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