British SERCO runs the USPTO

We received an email from a viewer. Michael McKibben gives Kent a reply. The email exchange may be helpful to truth seekers.

Kent writes:

This is quite a good video about Musk.

At about 43:00, you discuss the patent system.  

I’ve been grinding my mental gears about the USPTO for many years, and have finally gotten the picture.  See below.  

In 2000, the USPTO sent me a glossy publication bragging on their new HQ in Old Town Alexandria.  Old Town is a posh part of town.  My antenna went up way back when. 

As far as I can tell, they USPTO has become a organization that scams inventors.  In recent years, they have campaigned against inventor promotion companies, because they want that money themselves.

In 2014, it was reported at a public patent meeting that the USPTO had a slush fund of a billion dollars, and, at the same meeting, a little character named Scardino – actually Scamdino – talked about tricking Congress into giving the USPTO fee setting authority, with no Congressional oversight.  

Chrystal Sheppard, a member of the Public Patent Advisory Committee (PPAC), at page 194 in the transcript of a May 22, 2014. PPAC meeting, speaks about there being a “pot of money” and a “slush fund [of] a billion dollars.” And, just a few pages later – at page 200 – Anthony Scardino, the Chief Financial Officer at the USPTO, speaks about “lowering fees and things like that [to] give confidence and assurance to the folks on the Hill that, you know what – [we’ve] been responsible stewards of feesetting authority.”

The USPTO has so much money to squander, they produced a 244-page annual report for 2020  when Apple Corp’s annual report for 2020 was only 71 pages.

They have so much money to squander that they allow this to happen:

Patent office workers bilked the government of millions by playing hooky, watchdog finds

Michael replies:

Hi Kent,

You do smell a rat. The bigger picture is that:

British SERCO runs the USPTO.

See among others:

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Feel free to follow up.


Mike McKibben

P.s. Here’s a good summary of our Leader saga with the USPTO corruptocrats: