Treason in the Swamp

Betsy and Thomas look at the landslide victory Trump had on November 3 and explain what to expect from now through inauguration day. We are very excited to share the news with you as well as calm your concerns that the SWAMP IS BEING DRAINED.

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10 thoughts on “Treason in the Swamp”

  1. We are now hearing it was Nancy Pelosi’s chairmen who brought in the computers and software that changes votes . We are hearing Trump won California hands down.If the Supreme Court lets this fraud go, America dies. And we will be subjects of the new world order. Did you see and hear That Homosexual George Bush gloating at Trump. He is a two bit punk. I am not prjedice against gays. Just evil ones like him. Many have said that George bush use to jack off watching people get trotured.

  2. Oh no no no, to a quick reversal or speedy process.
    It’s wonderfully slow process and in this case a very enjoyable one. Why? Of course to see these traitors squirm like the worms they are. It’s like this, when a cat finally catches that sneaky little mouse, no he doesn’t go immediately for the kill, oh no no no… She torments that little mouse and enjoys every minute of it, till it finally dies worn out from the stress. And then she parades that mouse proudly to her owners. Showing off her prowess. So let’s enjoy the show people, knowing every day could be the last of them. We are watching the King and Queen of the Jungle at work now. One more thing, rest up, after we finish cleaning house in our country were going to have to help clean up and disinfecting quite a few more administrations across this planet so the virus doesn’t return.
    Thanks for the Audio updates and the Cat Reports.

    1. Betsy, To think that all the amazing things Trump has done for the American people being destroyed as we take on a fascist system freaks me out! I dont believe sleepy will ever enter the white house, but the thought that so many are buying this crap is disheartening! Would people in this country actually allow this country, its freedoms, its opportunities, its values, its laws, its goodness to end? God are we weak if that is so. I would rather die than live being ruled by classless, morononic, Godless, power mad, greedy crimnals, perverts and, traitors who hate the greatness of America and all it stands for.

    1. Please, calm down. Go to a happy place in your heart. We are watching the counter attack being delivered and patriots are winning. We will all be fine. Betsy says.

  3. Just like to say Thank you from England (not Britain) .. you most definitely shine the brightest light .. huge respect to you both and the conclave ..
    beautiful people 😇

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    1. Just trying to help our distant cousin patriots. We tried to tell your forefathers when we left for America that the King was the enemy, but you called us conspiracy theorists. So we took the action to a different shore…and darn if we thought we had won the first American Revolution only to find out that we were tricked and the British Imperial Empire never left. So now we are have a final war against the Monarchy – this time on the information battlefield and we are going to WIN WIN WIN and then we are coming over to save you from your tyrannical Queen and her Privy Council pedo monsters.

  4. I see lardass is finally getting involved. I wish he would just stay home with his bagpipes as he is a useless traitor who has done nothing!

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