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This email from AIM Patriot Condor, inviting the community to enjoy a free download of a novel he has written (link below)

Dear Douglas and Tyla,

I have made a point of turning off the commercial news and only following a few websites until after President Trump is re-elected.

As you are well aware over the last decade I have published dozens of non-fiction articles about the suppression, sabotage, theft and/or murder of inventors who came up with disruptive technologies which would of destroyed the globalist cartels and ultimately free humanity of this prison planet. Globalists propaganda states the only solution to overpopulation is the extermination of over seven billion people!

Another Yesterday is a historical, sci-fi novel. It tells a story, over a two century period, involving patriots who seek to free mankind of the prison planet by returning humanity to the heavens. Time is running out. Will mankind discover the break-away civilization within our solar system or will the criminal cabal successfully hurl planet prisoners into another dark age.  Who will ultimately win out?

I believe once President Trump is re-elected, he will unleash all the suppressed technologies detailed in this novel. President Trump’s favorite uncle, John Trump, one of the top scientist in WWII and throughout the 20th century, kept his nephew abreast of all the secret space force activities since the late 1950s. By the end of President Trump’s second term, we will discover how much of Another Yesterday is science fiction…and how much is actually science fact!

If any of your audience seeks an escape novel involving the sabotage of the nuclear industry, the suppression of Thorium along with thousands of other disruptive technologies, over the last century, they might just enjoy Another Yesterday.  All websites are granted permission to release this Condor novel to their readership, free of charge…though I wish to retain rights to all my memorable characters and plots for future sequels. 

Just in case AIM readers wish to listen to Another Yesterday as an audio book under Microsoft Office’s app. “Read Aloud”.   




Should Another Yesterday, prove popular with the patriot audience, I am presently working on the second draft of a sequel.  It is called Prophecy of Oscar.


Note to readers: We are saving this space below for Condor’s next book, Prophecy of Oscar and have created this digital space called Condor’s Bookshelf for easy access.

Another jewel from Condor is this gem article we posted awhile back, but which never grows “stale”. Every AIM patriot should consider saving a copy for their personal records:

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  1. This sounds GREAT! Will it be available in hard copy? I’d like to give it as a gift, and a download just doesn’t wrap well with a bow. Thanks

  2. Lovely email, this is the stories have been following and will believe with happening been following these witnesses have testified in the citizen hearings in front members of the Senate Washington the week before 911 Disclosure Project with Dr Steven Greer, even since with people like Captain Randy Cramer of SSP given authorisation to speak who has been to few different star systems recently done another great interview with George Noory in his show called Beyond Believe also Cramer has interviewed by former insider Emery Smith with show Cosmic Disclosure in Gaia Tv. Mind for those people that think there awake in these recent years. The technology hidden from you is unreal Trump has got to win end off.. jfk was killed because he was going expose all I believe from what I discovered over the years.

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