Who are the Pilgrims?

As you know, we have written a lot about the Pilgrims Society. Just go to any of our blogs and type ‘Pilgrims’ into a search bar. It’s astonishing truth history.

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Something that confuses people is the pecking order of the Pilgrims in relationship to the Pope, Jesuits, Jews, Satanists, Prince Charley, bankers, Rothschilds, Privy Council, British Pilgrims, etc.

The PILGRIMS SOCIETY is a level above, not below or beside, these groups. The PILGRIMS control the world. The groups named are actually subgroups of the PILGRIMS. This is why some in the top 17 seem contradictory; however, they are NOT when you realize that they are all lower-tiers of the Pilgrims. These subgroups are put in place to confuse us, just like they do at lower levels of awareness: e.g. Democrats and Republicans look like two different parties, but they are not.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump look like adversaries, but they are not.


This is explained in a recent Clif High video. Notice that he doesn’t name the actual group.

Is his role in this morphic field of experience to distract you from knowing the actual enemy? Listen how Clif describes Devolution and Patel Patriot, who names this 6,000-year-old death cult the Prussians, the primary enemy. Again, is this another method of distracting you from knowing the real enemy of humanity?

Listen to the video by clicking on the headline link just below.


Clif describes our current location in the matrix (consciousness) as he says: “WORDS MATTER. WORDS MATTER DEEPLY. They go back way deep in the Woo. We are fighting way deep in the Woo.”

So if words matter… and they do, let’s examine the word

P I L G R I M.

Who are pilgrims to you – #1, 2, or 3? Why would – PILGRIMS – be the name selected for the top of the control apex? What are they telling us by their name?

Clif tells his audience that as soon as we recognize the enemy, the war is over. We, too, have indicated that it will only take 48 of us to name and overcome this evil. The fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin shows us the way – we must name the devil precisely; whereupon, he must leave. This is an activity that one undertakes in consciousness, in fields of resonance much higher than where most people exist in their human awareness.

Basically, you don’t need to get off your couch or out of your pajamas to do battle at this level of consciousness.

Don’t let Clif distract you with names like Prussians, bugs, or mantids. These are WORDS used to distract you.

The name is PILGRIMS.

John Wayne Pilgrims


Look at the Pilgrims logo. Do you know what “Hic Et Ubique” means in Latin?

Here and everywhere

So one wonders – from where did these wayfarers come? Is Earth the “foreign land” the Pilgrims journeyed? Are Pilgrims extraterrestrials …. or fallen beings?

Complicated business, folks.