YMCA, BoJo, and Human Trafficking

We are working on a report on the YMCA and its long history of human trafficking. In preparation for this report, we are placing some items below that need a “holding place” for reference in our full report. Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see our first “hint” that connects Boris Johnson’s new wife Carrie to the YMCA. More to come on Boris.

LBJ’s Top Aide Caught in the YMCA Men’s Room

When Lyndon B. Johnson’s top aide, Walter Jenkins, was arrested for giving oral sex to a stranger in a YMCA bathroom in October, 1964, the scandal hit Johnson hard. How hard?

“A great deal of the president’s difficulties can be traced to the fact that Walter had to leave,” said Johnson’s White House Press Secretary, George Reedy. “All of history might have been different if it hadn’t been for that episode.”

YMCA knew counselors were sexually abusing kids at Camp Seymour in the 1970s, lawsuit says

A man who says he was sexually abused as a child by a counselor at Camp Seymour in the 1970s has sued the YMCA, alleging that the organization knew children were being abused there and failed to stop it.

“Put simply, Camp Seymour was a sexual cauldron where camp counselors and the camp director were using their positions and the camp facilities to prey on young children and young teenagers,” the lawsuit says.

Scandal in the Navy at the YMCA

Arnold coaxed out more information and was told of the regular gay meeting spots, especially the Newport Army and Navy YMCA and the Newport Art Association.

The Army and Navy YMCA seemed to be the major meeting place, with several of its staff also being gay men. Arnold took his collected information to the station commander, Lt. Cdr. Murphy Foster. Even before Foster had agreed to an inquiry, which would go on to recommend using trained investigators to collect more evidence, Arnold was recruiting sailors to act as spies and pose as homosexuals in order to gather more detailed reports of their activities, however explicit, and however much the spies participated in sexual acts.

The Gay Subculture at the YMCA


The lyrics are in your face at what is going on at the YMCA:

YMCA – Village People | Lyrics


Other history threads will show how “traditional” slavery became a “modern” form of slavery which uses the YMCA and the Salvation Army as recruiting centers and networks for transporting slaves. These items below will be a part of our report:

The Sexual Abuse of Black Male Slaves

Tag(s):SlaveJamaicaMaleSexual Abuse
Course:Human Trafficking: Yesterday and TodayUniversity of Richmond

Thomas Thistlewood, an eighteenth-century Jamaican planter, noted in his diary two incidents of homosexual assault. For one of them he recorded a report of a Mr. Watt committing sodomy with his negroe waiting boy. In slavery, there are many accounts of rape and sexual abuse by slaveholders towards their slaves. Many slaves tried to fight back and resist the sexual abuse. However, that didn’t always result in a good outcome. While it is known that many enslaved women were sexually abused, it is important to highlight that male slaves were also sexually abused by slaveholders.

The sexual violation of male slaves has been unexplored for several reasons. . . . More


The first Secretary in 1884 of the YMCA

Co-founder of Barclays Bank

Family legacy of slavery in Jamaica

4000 UK pounds in 1794 is £545,850 in 2021

See below



Now that we know the stench of British Pilgrims Society corruption, the YMCA has it, big time. (The Y is the 2nd oldest NGO in America).

The YMCA was started with substantial funding by the principals of BARCLAY’S BANK and the IMPERIAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY (attorneys Robert Barclay and – co-founders of the British Pilgrims Society

Here’s the control, the feeder (“Program Support”) for all 2,700 Y’s in the US. This 2020 disclosure enumerates funds to 433 Y’s with 20,000 staff and 600,000 volunteers in 1o,000 communities in 2020.


Sir Charles Dutton, 2nd Baronet (7 December 1800 – 18 May 1872)






July 19, 1844

June 6, 1844, YMCA was formed funded by the leading bankers of the time


They had Manifestos on their minds:


Three years later Karl Marx penned the Communist Manifesto, allegedly.

in London, 21 February 1848




At this point, you might be asking yourself where you have heard the last name “Bevan” in current events. The answer may shock you when you discover that the name Symonds, as in Sir Jonathan Richard Symonds, is also related to the BEVAN name in one interesting character to emerge on the British BoJo scene.

Boris Johnson, as you will learn in our upcoming report, is connected to the YMCA; in his new wife, you have the two streams of the nefarious British underworld of the YMCA and human trafficking coming together.

Read the links under this image HERE.

In our report, not yet published, you will learn more about Jonathan Richard SYMONDS. Here are a few nuggets from the research:

Jonathan Richard Symonds reprise

QinetiQ + GlaxoSmithKline + AstraZeneca = a biological weapon

targeted on all of humanity


2 thoughts on “YMCA, BoJo, and Human Trafficking”

  1. Human trafficking and the Y?! This report—or the previews of it presented here—do not seem to me in any way to justify the besmirching of the entire YMCA movement. If the upcoming report is anything more than a major “stretch” of “guilt by association” speculations, there seem to be no serious indications of that in any of the below…

    Not following this AT ALL… (surely there have been fags in the YMCA scene, probably even in its beginnings…and any, such as myself, who have known well of the long-standing—at least in my lifetime—queer connections with the movement will not be surprised about any of that. But…human trafficking?! This is looking very self-righteously judgmental and falsely accusatory to me…)



  2. This is not about queers in the YMCA – this is about a conspiracy involving Boris Johnson he has totally compromised himself . His wife is related to Sir Jonathan Richard SYMONDS these people are involved in the Pirbright society and the making of and selling of AstraZeneca which is why they are pushing it so hard . It is not surprising that they are leaving out the names of their parents off the marriage certificate. Don’t you get it

    QinetiQ + GlaxoSmithKline + AstraZeneca = a biological weapon.

    Boris Johnson & Witty who are mentioned here have used the media to terrorise the public into believing that there was a pandemic so that they could call on the emergency powers to lock up the public destroy small businesses but more importantly get them to think there is a pandemic so that they feel they have to take a vaccine which is killing and injuring people and making a shed load of money for them all. All other medications which do cure Covid the common cold/flue are being suppressed and all voices are being censored about the level of deaths and serious injury caused by this treatment which is not a vaccine. This information is very damning indeed and you can see clearly that the YMCA was created to draw in young people for trafficking. None of this information is being given to the public Bojo you have been a naughty boy I look forward to seeing you get carted off with most of UK parliament because you are a pack of murdering crooks and liars.

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