The Jews Were Busy in the 1930s

Mike is back from vacation and in the AFI mines catching up with your emails and such. AIMCat Matt sent Mike this article, to which Mike responds below:

Hi Matt,

Suggest updating “the Jews” and “the Khazars” screeds. As long as this misdirection exists, people will be trying to solve the wrong problems!

The truth is these are pagan Babylonian Radhanite merchant-bankers posing as Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews.

* The Khazarians were recruited into this ancient Babylonian pagan banking cult in about 800 AD, but they did not start it, nor are they the center of it now. To lay this banking conspiracy agenda on their shoulders will get us nowhere since it is not true, and therefore the trails will lead to nowhere. The enemy camp no doubt encourages this misdirection.

(Nice photo finds).

Also, I just did a search on the UNZ site and found only two references to “Babylon.” One discussing the disappearance of antiquities in Iraq, which touches lightly on a relevant subject (the suppression of the ancient cuneiform banking references of the Babylonian fake “Jewish” banks), and another link to an LA Times article about the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Unz Review • An Alternative Media Selection – The Unz Review

This shows that Larry Romanoff is totally committed to “The Jews” and “The Khazarians” screeds. Hopefully he has the integrity to realize that his conclusions need redrawn given the incontestable evidence of ancient pagan Babylonian usury and slavery banking and the absconding of the “Jew” moniker by these pagans.