Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual


We were going to recommend this hard-to-find book for your library. We have it in ours and buy a copies for friends and family who want to know more about the uses of colloidal silver water.

Perfect timing because today Steve sent us a 25% off coupon. This is information you will not find in the CENSORED internet. It is a treasured book in my collection of natural medicines and remedies.

Tyla Gabriel, ND


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The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, by Steve Barwick


Let’s make sure AIMCats around the world are fully versed in the benefits of colloidal silver.

Here is my DIY recipe for making this amazing healing water.

If assembling your materials and supplies is too daunting, then check out Steve Barwick’s website and order one of his units: https://thesilveredge.com/micro-particle-colloidal-silver-generator/

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