2 thoughts on “Soul Seeks Spirit – The Grand Human Journey”

  1. Copy That…….. was merely trying to comprehend all the pieces of past life that are dreamt or told by guides …. not looking to go down a rabbit hole or go on a major quest . I’ve got where I am from remembering life skills from the past and how they aid the future from a heart centre prospective . Idol I have hundreds of books that I’ve never read … so keeping things real 😉

    I made my garden food n medicinal friendly over the last 20 years, had all clays for the last 12 years , found your way of making silver water easier than my other diy set up and was onto ornus a while back but made some from your video way back when posted … I know they have been attempting a pandemic scenario for well over 10 years and back when they launch the cervical vaccine around 12/13 years ago I had noticed now they seeded minds with the publicity of a big brother celeb named Jane goody …. the latest narrative they are incepting through tv is William being the next king lol .
    My offspring are on the same page although my dad n brother have take. The vaccine …
    free will bring what it is …. all the best to them

    Much love to your wonderful selves and all enlightened beings that stop by .😉😊
    Bee 💚💚💚🇬🇧👍

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