10 thoughts on “Has the British Imperial Empire Taken America?”

  1. Makes me wonder now why Trump used the YMCA song to end all of his rallies – GADS!!!! Did he know this history and liked to throw it out to make his opponents flinch?

    1. I think it is time to pepe meme the YMCA and the song. and have people boo at the rally when YMCA song comes out. this will wake up the others. Maybe trump is looking to see how the people react to the song?

  2. Why tunnel? No reason to, when you hold the reigns of power.
    Children, young men and women, sold into slavery, across the world! Dam, that adds a whole new perspective! Our American sons and daughters are slaves right now all across the world, and the people in charge do nothing! 800k a year. No wonder Putin put a stay on American adoption, those young Ruskies likely brought a good price! Knowing we know this, explains why the scorched earth vaccination plan was unleashed.

  3. Thank You. I can use this in my book… Douglas remained relatively calm… without getting into the weeds. GR8 job! Thank You Love in Service, Robert ~.~* Blessings2U&URs!

  4. Its always a great joy to hear the Angels Voices!

    I can only imagine the PAIN it brings to the

    [[[“Invisible Enemy”]]]!


  5. can you reiterate gain involvment of British East India compnay I though they traded with China at the time and also involved in opium what was you fine?


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