One thought on “Video Censored by Google-YouTube”

  1. I can agree with all you said. A couple things is the word Columbia. Columbia University was called Kings College until the Revolution. The word Columbia is connected to the British Northwest and the District Of Columbia plus the first gold city in California was called Columbia and was going to make it the state capital.

    There was the war of 1812 and the burning of our capital. The Bank Of England supported Mexico in the time of Texas independence and the British supported the South in the Civil War to keep the slave trade going even though they quit doing it in England.

    The worst thing is after the Civil War Americans were very involved in their government and many blacks held office but over the years they were reduced to a few then starting in 1900 the House was frozen at 435 for three censuses until 1929 when the Congress passed a law keeping it at 435 even though the Constitution gives us the right for no more than 1 per 30,000.

    We were always told the people have to be involved but how can we when our representation is above 1 per 700,000. Instead of blaming government employees and calling for treason maybe we should be realistic. The Declaration Of Independence already claimed our grievances now we have to take back the House Of Representatives with at least a doubling for now.

    Have you heard what the government and FBI did to US Private Vaults in Beverly Hills? They confiscated all the cash, precious metals and jewels.

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