Ursula von her Leyen – Is she the next un-elected president of the U.S.?

Dear Betsy,

Perhaps you saw this video of Ursula von her Leyen in Washington, DC. If not, it’s a piece worth seeing because it clearly reveals her intentions for the USA.


This past week, Ursula was at The White House. She also came to the US to accept an award from the Atlantic Council where she gave her American debut speech.

I have been wondering who will be our next commander and chief. My intuition tells me that Ursula came to America to finalize the merger of the US with the EU. If that is the case, then we probably won’t need to bother with the election of the next president.

With the state of mind and affairs inside the fake White House, it would be easy for her German persuasion talents to convince our illegitimate imposters to join the EU without our knowledge.

As for me, I will never again look at anything with Trump’s name attached to it.

After listening to Ursula’s speech, it all seems to make sense why the EU has interfered with every aspect of our lives in America. To me, Ursula is more frightening and deadly than the false virus. She’s a carbon copy of Hitler with a pretty face in a classic black dress.

It was very hard to listen to her entire speech and to watch her theatrical performance, but the one thing it did was to clarify the moves that the EU has been making to overtake the US. The content of her speech has left me feeling very uneasy. It definitely sounded as if the EU president came to present herself as our unelected Trans-Atlantic leader. It appears to be a soft coup and Americans (especially the youth) are very likely to fall for it.

Of course, she’s using the issue of taking responsibility for climate change as bait, but it’s clear from what she understates that she’s ready to throw us into war with Russia and China.

As for me, I have managed pretty well through the past two years by watch lots of very entertaining and very educational Chinese dramas. It appears that Americans are completely oblivious to the many developments that have taken place in China.

I’ve also been keeping an eye on the various EU, US, NATO joint provocations that are happening close to Russian and Chinese borders. I very much doubt that we are prepared for the response should the US and EU provoke an attack.

I hope that all is well with you and Thomas.

Wishing you both the very best,