9 thoughts on “Human Trafficking at the YMCA”

  1. In an interview with Dr. Steven Hotze and Mike Adams, a comment from Dr. Hotze about Boris Johnson’s father, the father said, “Why are there 70 million people still living in the British Isles, there should only be 10 or 15 million”.


  2. WOW I am Amazed it only took 500,000 Years to figure this out???

    to Know this Lie was everyday in Life…..
    of Sex Trafficking And Homo sexuality????

    Have You Ever thought of how many Lives it destroyed or have been
    lost within This Perverted Sickness..

    I truly Dought,

    It will EVER Be Reviled to the Public of this Planet.


  3. Thanks God everyday for Trump & QAnon to save our humanity from NWO slavery. It is breaking my heart to see so many peoples line up to get the deadly vax…


  4. I wonder if DJT is sending a message by playing the song YMCA at all of his public events… probably just a coincidence…


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