6 thoughts on “City officials served for treason”

  1. Do not take your constitutional guarantees for granted. Claim them by declaring and recording your correct political status, either State National or State Citizen, with your State Assembly. Failure to do so will result in a legal presumption that you have “waived” all guarantees and don’t stand under the protections of the Federal Constitutions.

    Millions of Americans are in limbo land, unaware that they need to record their political status before they can claim their guarantees, and many more are angry and upset because their guarantees have been violated.

    Join your states Assembly and be part of something GREAT. Take back your Birthright, your American inheritance, your sovereignty. “The American States Assembly” will get you HOME!!! RECONSTRUCT YOUR STATES!!! Become part of HISTORY!!! Be part of making your COUNTY CONSTITUTIONAL once more!! “The American States Assembly” is the way back to the Land & Soil of America.

    “Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.”…Isidor Feinstein Stone

    ‘We the People are the ONLY TRUE FORCE FOR CHANGE’!!!! juan jose


    1. Can not understand, if this is really a big thing that seems so simple, why it hasn´t/isn´t happening everywhere !???? I have been waiting for a long time to see the People take justice in their own hands …. IMO this is the only solution.
      Maybe you can explain in next upload !?
      Grtz. fr. Sweden

  2. The penalty for a government official violating a Citizens constitutional right is under Federal Code, Life Imprison or the death penalty.
    I hope they all die from the death penalty.

  3. This is the first step in my opinion. Thank you and keep going. Let’s, as Americans stand together as one and fight the corruption till it’s snuffed out like a flame and no longer. We all know what the penalty for treason is. Many more to go. And just a reminder don’t forget the one who held the highest seat in our government and null and void every illegal action he preformed.

  4. Is any Professional going to criminally charge the Federal Judge in Palm beach for violating and breaking the US Federal law in what He stated about Mask? He is a liar and he has crossed the line . He should be primally charged and sent to prison for life. I hope there is an investigation to determine if he was being bribed. He stated citizens do not have the right to challenge the State. This Judge is dangerous and should be removed immediately.

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