Patriots Win the American Revolution

trump thumbnail 3-8-20

Nothing is going to stop Betsy and Thomas from speaking TRUTH. It’s not just America that we need to protect from the British Imperialists. Patriots around the world are fighting a war for Planet Earth. It is Humanity vs the Pilgrims Society. Betsy and Thomas show us how to win.

Raw file:

brennan haspel terrorists

Below is one of videos taken down by Vimeo, but is still pretty fresh in the truth revelation movement. Inside the link below is a package of memes that you can use with the audio. Post it on your own site and share with your network.

Trump takes out radical terrorists which was posted on January 11, 2020


Raw file:

An easy way to access all the Betsy and Thomas videos on this site is to type in ‘Betsy & Thomas Audio’ in the search bar. You can do the same with ‘Mike and Doug Show’.

2 thoughts on “Patriots Win the American Revolution”

  1. It appears that your entire Vimeo content has been taken down!… If so could you please respond if you’re able to recapture all of it and or will you be setting up a new channel via a new platform soon or in the near future?


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