Preaching to the Choir


To the Choir:

We all know people in our individual circles who are adamant in their adherence to the COVID vaccine protocols.

Having done our own research into the matter, we – the Choir – want nothing whatsoever to do with these ‘kill shots.’

However, it is (we’ll assume for purposes of this essay) a free will universe. That being said, it remains incumbent on us to share our concerns (so as not to be complicit in the carnage to follow), and then step back.

No one can (or should?) intercede with another’s ‘Prime Directive.’ Even if that chosen course of events leads to an early demise.

None of us get out of here alive. And (once again for purposes of this analysis), we’ll assume that each of us is here to fulfill a specific purpose.

We find ourselves in a slice of time that marks a turning of the seasons. Humankind has endured a cold, dark winter of tyranny these past few thousand years.

An ages old battle of Good versus Evil – what Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, referred to as the eternal struggle between the ‘Children of the Law of One’ and the ‘Sons of Belial’ – is reaching its culmination.

The forces of tyranny have had their day, and the Spring to come will usher in a new paradigm of peace and harmony. We are witnessing the death throes of an old hierarchy and the birthing pangs of a new era.

In order for this transition to come to pass, however, a mass awakening of the population has to occur. Human nature, being what it is, many (or most) people will ‘choose’ to ignore the warning signs – even at their own peril.

Only when the issue – in our case mass death on a scale heretofore unimaginable – becomes impossible to ignore will the remaining masses awaken. And here’s where that ‘meddling with another’s ‘prime directive’ resurfaces.

What if? Just, what if all (or many) of those who have chosen to be vaxed have – as a part of their soul’s agenda this time around – volunteered (subconsciously, mind you) to be martyrs in order that their surviving brothers and sisters might awaken at this ‘appointed hour?’

May I humbly suggest we suspend our collective judgements until all possible plot twists are revealed?

– the NoHoldsBard 



@Gabriels_Horn posted:

This video below is AIMCat @Scottythetrucker888 many years ago on stage with Esther Hicks at one of the workshops Abraham Hicks offered in over 40 cities across America. In 2006, I attended a session in Livonia, Michigan with some girlfriends. Now I sigh with amazement that Scotty and I (Tyla) were in the same room, not ready to connect at that time in 3D, because we had so much to do in preparation, but intertwining our higher bodies in 5D so that in this time and space we can share Scotty’s life wisdom as a modern day JOURNEYMAN.

In the video below, Scotty is being interviewed by Esther Hicks – on stage with a room full of workshop attendees. We think it is a timely message, especially today as you may be faced with hard choices about your own employment situation.

Did you know that after this session, Scotty was offered a position with the Abraham Hicks group to be their fulltime driver? He has so many incredible stories about his adventures and the people he met on his journey with Esther and Jerry that we have asked him to join the CONCLAVE and begin to tell these stories in a video format – full of fun, wisdom, and insight – as he drives his truck across America.

Scotty’s journey is one we all take as spiritual initiates; each person’s journey is different, but the challenges and questions that arise are similar.