Cambridge Five 2.0 – Sambei, Dearlove, Andrew, Steele, Halper

AIM Patriot Tim knew we would like to see this LaRouche article. Confirms our last few reports on the Cambridge Five 2.0 (Sambei, Dearlove, Andrew, Steele, Halper), yet notice that the writer Barbara Boyd does not discuss Arvinder Sambei.

Blind spot or on purpose, Barbara?

British Intelligence And The Coup Against Trump; How Much Will Be Revealed?

arvinder sambei afiWhy didn’t Barbara Boyd connect the dots to Sambei…then it is so easy to see how Bob Mueller was handled by the British to run the coup state-side after Gina Wray, the CIA station chief in London at the time, gave the plan a thumbs up and approved Robert Hannigan’s shenanigans with John Brennan in wiretapping Trump Towers so that Obama could attempt a George Soros regime change right here in America. There’s a name for that, folks:

high treason

mueller comey saunders sambei


There’s a final solution for traitors. Ask the Lebanese.

lebanon hanging noose
Watch the tweet.Push through your downline.


betsy ross giorgio


Sambei and Mueller, best buddies since 9-11. Sambei is the Queen’s tranny who has been Mueller’s handler since the 9-11 FBI cover-up operation.

Treason: Who Terrorized Americans and the World on 9-11?

sambei mueller arvinder


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6 thoughts on “Cambridge Five 2.0 – Sambei, Dearlove, Andrew, Steele, Halper”

  1. My father would have put the fear into me for being as frigging lazy as these people around me who not only IGNORE the truths of the new multiple 4G towers within 200 yards of each other, the U.S. Patent numbers for queen Elizabeth’s Gates’ funded COVID/5G, they think I AM THE THREAT. They do sneer at me for not wearing a useless mask like they do. Wait until they are forced to wear one swimfin.

    1. Yes. The Pilgrims Society stood over the prospect of destroying the WTC towers, and tested their plans late 1968 to early 1969. Cheney’s Halliburton was present as The Kellogg corporation of Kellogg. Brown, and Root.

  2. Without weighing the Chinese Communist Party element into the story, nothing at all makes a damn bit of sense. If it has the word, British, in front of it, it is completely bankrolled by the Chinese.

    The Pilgrims Society is just one step above membership in college fraternities and sororities in which the Chinese doled out favors to boys and girls willing to undergo initiations required for acceptance into elitist British societies.

    Frat boys and Soros girls receive many opportunities to be trained in the ways of communist socialism by the Chinese Communist Party. And when they pass the tests of stupidity, their elections into public offices are fully financed by the CCP through all kinds of charities and associations. They are given homes, cars…etc. to impress, but they own nothing.

    One has to be able to intuitively smell a rat before one can logically smell the reason for the odor coming from a rat.

    The rat never stands at the front door handing out stacks of freshly printed 100 dollar bills form the US Treasury. No. The rat does its dirty work in the dark printing counterfeit 100 dollar bills and handing them out to Frat boys and Soros girls to get them hooked on favors and gifts and awards for very very bad behavior.

    So. the question is this, why are all these Democrats scrambling to go up against Trump? Without understanding the CCP’s behavior modification program designed specifically for members of the Pilgrims Society for delinquent Frat boys and Soros girls, nothing at all makes…a damn bit of sense.

    Think Wuhan wet market. Think trigger word.

    Do you think there are any of sellout politicians––and there are so many of them––who really want to receive a special invitation to a huge dinner given in their honor in which they are required to eat their own filleted dog?

    Old Chinese joke. Old Chinese behavior modification scare tactic…ah so.

  3. Gabriels . please consider “The Influence of Lucifer & Ahriman by Rudolph

    Steiner” . 3.12.22mins . particularly session 3! . the world of war against all!.

    the future evolution of mankind . will only be development by the Spiritual .

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