Leonardo Election Rigging Leads to the Privy Council

Leonardo tied to IBM Eclipse Foundation, Chandler, Internet of Things and … Eurotech SpA, Ltd.—It’s a British Pilgrims Society operation likely directed out of the Pirbright Space Port via QinetiQ and SERCO. Our research notes are at the bottom of this Cat Report.

Raw audio file: https://aim4truth.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Leonardo-election-rigging-leads-to-the-Privy-Council.mp3

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  1. I’m still listening to Michael & Douglas’s Audio file of all the info we learned on January 6th, 2021. They keep mentioning “We Have To Take Back Our Country” How are we supposed to make that happen if we can’t even defend our country and President when it has been proven right in front of our eyes that our Election was STOLEN??? I’m almost at the end of listening to the audio, and I’m now more depressed than before I started listening!!! I keep listening to all of you and trust what you tell me. I love OUR President but what and how can he proceed to do what you’ve been telling me for many months? GOD Bless you all!
    I’m praying for Our Lord to help us!!!

  2. I see a little different scenario. This patent theft is a bit more complex if my insight is correct.
    Here’s what I’m seeing. Serco reviews any and all patents submitted for approval, likely are seeing them in the research phase as well, through patent attorney scum like JP Chandler. The next phase of their operations consists of bidding or auctioning off the patents. Making deals with all their corporate partners. Throw up a cardboard cutout, own all the stock, get their buddies all to pitch in. You know to keep them fat and happy in their Government role.
    How it works is fairly simple for naïve inventors like myself so long ago. They simply run the little guy around until his money reserves are expended then walk away with the patent. Man I was so dumb and trusting that people were genuine in this world. Then seeing ones patent come out in magazines and then store shelves after your broke and destitute.
    One can only wonder how many millions of these ideas they’ve stolen. These people that do this are only good at one thing, crime. Then they make all their crimes legal like.
    Honestly they didn’t assume power in the 1900 they’ve had it for likely for centuries. Just plain disgusting, low life scum.

  3. Thank you guys for all your work it has been sensational the information you have provided has given so much clarity on whos who in the ZOO God Bless you all 👍🇦🇺

  4. Never forget that “The Lund Island” at the mounth of the Thems – a port of overseas trade since the Late Neolithic – was conquered by Cesar, attempting to control the trade of the North Sea.

    As his sucessors succeeded to keep it throughout Roman time the palaces on the islan became district capitol fo the Roman empire. Which the Oligarchy of the fascist Gaius-family later came to re-conquer – as the ‘earthly rulers’ running The Holy Roman Empire – through its church and clerecy, overt armies and covert services.

    There were NO inter-regional trade, no Military Might, no Public Services, no Information Exchange and no Secret Services existing in Europe – OUTSIDE of The Imperial Powers that ruled it all; “to the extremes of the world”, between 1066 and 1550 AD, when the old nobilities of the Nordic Countries managed to kick the Roman-catholics and their secret Jesuits out of their old kingdoms.

    For a while…

    Meanwhile the HRE and its Inquisitory Jesuits managed to conquer, rule and loot all the old civilizations of America and FE Asia – collecting e-n-o-r-m-o-u-s amounts of wealth to be siled home to the Venetian Bay and hidden – high up in the Alps. From where the New World Centre of Mercantilization, Banking and Finance could start the bribery, corruption and extortion needed to bankrupt and then BUY the Protestant and Evangelic kingdoms back to the control of the Venetian Vipers aka The Black Noblity owing it all.

    Instigating the french-brittish wars they effectively bankrupted The Brittish Crown and thus came to CON TROLL the Bank of England – ever after. Running the same game again they founded, funded and directed the revolution that made Napoleon inevitable, thus militarizing the entire France – to attack ALL the old, native kingdoms that still existed in Europe, thus eradicating any possible entity able to ever again rise a new movement of resistance.

    Please understand that ever since the completion of the Black Nobilitys re-conqquista of the island of Lunden – today The City of London – the Royals of Brittains, just as most of their nobility – have been NOTHING but VASSALS of the Oligarchy still controlling the Vaults of Switzerland and thus the ENTIRE banking-system of this world. Known names of global finances – like the Rothschilds and all their sinsiter Rockefellas – are still nothing but surrogates of the Black Nobility.

    The famous island with a “holy grove” (‘lund) would serve the pre-roman Britts as a centre of sacred comunion as well as academia and gross communication – ran by their old Historians (Bards), Communicators (Vates) and Scientists (Druids). Led by a minimum of adminisrtation known as ‘nobles’ (‘lords’) and ‘dignitaries’ (‘earls’) amongst them. To ensure the continuation of thei consciously collectivsed culture they needed a ‘glue’ to ensure the generational steps – which is why the old cultures of Eurasia all were organoised around a First family – ressponsible for producing AL the nobles and thus the earls and caorls of the land, as a genetic “brotherhood of men” – able to uphold a organic culture with the dynamics needed to evolve steadily through vaious changes of climate and nature.

    As the Masters of Death broke succeeded raping the Greek and then the Sabine Romans the millennials of peaceful progress was halted all the way up to Northern Europe – a The Gaius-family could USURPE the old Throne of Jupiter and militaie the entire kingdom once ruloing the Western Med. Allied with the Punic Warriors and their Super-weapon – a cavallery of 400+ war-elephants – the Usurpers of Rome could BRING DOWN the Roman Republic and install a Permanent Dictatorship in Rome – headed by the richest, as a dictatorial Plutocracy, aka “Mafia of Merchants”. From whom the Gaius-family were the most powerful, combining their wealth out of Cartage with military skills that made them rise to Generals and Magisters Militiums – to fight Pune…

    During the time of Gaius Julius they could even force the Roman legions to turn on their closest trade-partners and allies through the entire period of the Jupiter Kingdom, ass well as the later Roman Republic, when foreign enemies searched to conquer their old islands and controll their old sea-routes.south of the italian mainland. Allied with the descendants of Hanibal the punic line of Gaius could move the mauric warriors and their punic war-elephants throug Iberia and into Europe – to attack and conquer France (*Gaul”) – were the most and the richest gold-mines of the Old World once existed. 400 years later they had sold enoromous amounts of slaves out of Gaul, Germania and Anglia – while emptying the more than 370 goldmines known from Roman-time France. When no more profits were to be made the rulig elite of Rome had stored ALL the loot in secret hoideouts east/north-east of the Venetian Bay and moved out of “Londinum” – as well as “Brügge”, “Colonia”, “Lyondinum” and “Roma” – to a hideout now known as Venice.

    From where they would reach east to their cousines running the Bysantine trade of Konstantinopel. Using a part of their wnormous riches they would spend three generations making a new dictatoship around Bosposros, willing to rise an army an re-conquer Italy and the coast of Africa from the stupid Goths and Vends that had migrated there to re-buld legally regulated kingdoms with productive and re-productive populations around the land. Re-establishing Rome as a militaized dictatorship the new regime based on the same old families – now calling themselves “patricians”. Usurping the Merovings they re-conuered all of France as well – from where they could raise new armies, able to cross the Rhine and attack the rest of Western Europe. Which they succeeded in doing – as their emperor Konrad got Knut of Denmark – the broither of Hamlet – to usurp the thone of Denmark and thus rule England as well as Scania.

    By 1020 the old, holy island at the mounth of the Thems would be back on Roman hands and by 1150 it had already become The Capitol for all trade between midle Europe and the old, major trade in-and-out of Northern Europe – thorugh the North Sea/Baltic Sea trade-union along the Volga – to the Caspian bassin and the Spice- and Silk-trade with India and China. By 1052-54 the new head of this trade-zone – a branch of the Black Nobility itself specializing in regincides to take over, loot and enslave entire nations known as the “The Break-spears”. Spears used to symbolize the inherritcal rights of a royal descendancy – as the constiturions of Old Europe all had such “rights” -based on nature – to define “might” in terms of matter and matters. The old Babylonian/Akkadian/Gaian culture made that principle null and void – by using their competence to mold weapons of murder and mass-destruction, to gain might – to encforce “right”.

    Thus these War-Master became the new Money-masters, weaponizing trade and travel to subdue the conquered – for all future. Thus the Greek and Roman culture were criminalized – before it succeeded enforcing the German and Anglo-American culture into the same “fall from grace” – as The Mark (of the Ruler) became the Rule of The Day – without which their subjects could neither eat nor drink…

    As the City of London became the real heads of the Brittish Crown, with all its colonies – it would complete the efforts of the Venetian Vipers to conquer the trade-ports and the economy of the giantic kingdoms of India and China.leading both Portuguese, Dutch and Brittish proxies to head on east. With the Opium-wars they finally slit the vital parts from the old, native chineese Constitution – since Bronze Age ran by the righous first family of Pi-King. With the “Poruguese” and “Brittish” takeover of Indian and Chineese trade-ports – such as Bombay and Goa, Calcutta, Malakka, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Nagasaki – the old Merchant of Venice could really envisoin that the old, wet dream of his akkadian/aachamenidian ancestors – “to rulke the world” – was about to be fullfilled.

    Since then the potuguese.-brittish line of said nobility would move the head of theoir family from the City of London and establish a key-point for ALL Eastern Asia in Macau – where the head of the Breakspears still resides. To get of the old, native dynasties of China they started several wars inside the country, culiminating with their founding, funding and directing of a “New Dawn” led by “common people” such as Mao Tse-Dung. By 1949 they had succeeded with the same playbook as their cousins back in the Alps had used with great success in Russia -to get rid o the old and independant constitution.

    Since then the National Banks and Currencies of Soviet-Russia and Commie-China were redefined and monoplized by the Black Nobility forming the first “Global Banking-system” – such as the HSBC. Thus the Breakspears would rund the national bank of China, while their alpine allies would handle Russia. Both bringing their american proxies into the mix – thus mudling the waters and disapearing themselves from all public attantion. Thus the Black Nobility have often used the trick of the Octopus – their old symbol – whenever they want to ‘disapear’, by sprouting a cloud of ‘ink’ and thus become invisible for the time needed to hide.

    It’s somewhat sad to see that the junir head of their surrogate-family number one – delegated to run the island in the Thems – have left this earth at age 57. That really looks like the “ink” needed for the patriots of the UK and US – looking for the real owners of the satanic banksters running todays Military Industry as they run organised crime. Luckily we do know whose been owing the island and thus the city of London ever since the first brittish cardinal Nicholas Breakspear became Pope Hadrian III, as his success in organising the trade across the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea – reaching the norse populations and trade-stations of NE America – under the supervison of bishops and kaniks – already by 1154.

    Thus the branches of the imperial Merchant of Venice – heading the Gaius-family and its 13-offspirngs -would be at helm of the HRE througout its very history – while the federated families would become The Merchants of Napoli respectively Madrid, Cologne, London, Goa and Macau – where they still rule the day, by nigth. With a material power that is beyond belief, but weakness that nobody must ever get to know about and recognize – called “The Light of Day” aka “Sunlight”. As in ‘public attention’. We may owe that to the (potential) murder of the Benjamin of the Bauer-family who was goiven the name Roth-schild.

  5. BTW: Mr. Jack Ma is one of the chinese from the Macau-area missing his real family-name. His disappearance may connect to the same ‘inky’ getaways.

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