Leonardo Election Rigging Leads to the Privy Council

Leonardo tied to IBM Eclipse Foundation, Chandler, Internet of Things and … Eurotech SpA, Ltd.—It’s a British Pilgrims Society operation likely directed out of the Pirbright Space Port via QinetiQ and SERCO. Our research notes are at the bottom of this Cat Report.

Raw audio file: https://aim4truth.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Leonardo-election-rigging-leads-to-the-Privy-Council.mp3

5 thoughts on “Leonardo Election Rigging Leads to the Privy Council”

  1. I’m still listening to Michael & Douglas’s Audio file of all the info we learned on January 6th, 2021. They keep mentioning “We Have To Take Back Our Country” How are we supposed to make that happen if we can’t even defend our country and President when it has been proven right in front of our eyes that our Election was STOLEN??? I’m almost at the end of listening to the audio, and I’m now more depressed than before I started listening!!! I keep listening to all of you and trust what you tell me. I love OUR President but what and how can he proceed to do what you’ve been telling me for many months? GOD Bless you all!
    I’m praying for Our Lord to help us!!!


  2. I see a little different scenario. This patent theft is a bit more complex if my insight is correct.
    Here’s what I’m seeing. Serco reviews any and all patents submitted for approval, likely are seeing them in the research phase as well, through patent attorney scum like JP Chandler. The next phase of their operations consists of bidding or auctioning off the patents. Making deals with all their corporate partners. Throw up a cardboard cutout, own all the stock, get their buddies all to pitch in. You know to keep them fat and happy in their Government role.
    How it works is fairly simple for naïve inventors like myself so long ago. They simply run the little guy around until his money reserves are expended then walk away with the patent. Man I was so dumb and trusting that people were genuine in this world. Then seeing ones patent come out in magazines and then store shelves after your broke and destitute.
    One can only wonder how many millions of these ideas they’ve stolen. These people that do this are only good at one thing, crime. Then they make all their crimes legal like.
    Honestly they didn’t assume power in the 1900 they’ve had it for likely for centuries. Just plain disgusting, low life scum.

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  3. Thank you guys for all your work it has been sensational the information you have provided has given so much clarity on whos who in the ZOO God Bless you all 👍🇦🇺


  4. From the Werff Report

    Lt. General Thomas McInerney: Special Forces Took Nancy Pelosi Laptop Wednesday, Says She’s Frantic – YouTube

    What say ye?


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