Spectres, Phantoms & Demons


Spectres Phantoms and Demons


Raw audio file: https://aim4truth.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Spectres-Phantoms-and-Demons.mp3

What is Neo-Imperialism? Pt. 3 – John Barnwell & Douglas Gabriel


Tyla refers to the Gabriels’ book below in the audio discussion. Go inside the headline link and download a free copy:

Sophia Christos Initiation


5 thoughts on “Spectres, Phantoms & Demons”

  1. Really excited to hear you’re going to cover the spiritual wickedness in high places. Would love to hear more about the health stuff too; Betsy got me onto Ormus and colloidal silver.

  2. You two are such a joy. My soul sings with happiness when you  talk spirituality. Thanks and God bless you.

  3. While doing your research can you find out if the Capital was built on purpose to limit it to 435 members or was that a fluke? Why did it take them till 1929 to pass a law even though they didn’t reapportion since the 1910 census. I like your music comment but I take my 1970’s rock and roll songs of love (sex) and use them toward God. I’m not a fan of the angel and the praise of Jesus current offerings.

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