One thought on “Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Makes Money off Pandemic and Great Reset”

  1. My sympathy for your plight. I live in Toledo and used to do 50% of my work in lower MI. This scamdemic has decimated the local economy. I believe there is a virus. I also believe the “vaccine” was the intent. They all knew. I still would like to know how directly or indirectly the Clinton Global Health Initiative was financially tied to the origin of the Wuhan lab. Obama’s administration funded 3.5 million of which they claim only 650 thousand went to Wuhan. That wouldn’t be significant in research. It would however buy cooperation to arrange a release of something they own the patent on and coincidentally a “vaccine”. You guys give me hope that I’m not going insane.
    Thanks for all your investigative fervor. Your tenacity to get to the truth is inspiring. I’m just trying to survive in a wilderness of vaccinated mutations I call family.


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