More on Scytl and Foreign Election Interference

Scytl most definitely did not go out of business a week before our Nov. 4 election (on Oct. 30, 2020). They just shifted the deck chairs to fool the unsuspecting.

For starters, they had 6 companies in Spain, only 2 of them merged with Paragon Group Limited in the UK on Oct. 30, 2020. One of them supplies voting hardware globally. Today. Also note that “UTE” was added on the names of three of the four continuing Scytl enterprises.

  1. Scytl Secure Electronic Voting SA (in liquidation), Calle Enric Grandados Street, 84, Barcelona 08008*
  2. Plataforma Civiciti S.L. (in liquidation), Calle Enric Grandados Street, 84, Barcelona 08008*
  3. Scytl Voting Hardware SL, Calle Enric Grandados Street, 84, Barcelona 08008
  4. UTE Scytl-Vector, Calle Enric Grandados Street, 84, Barcelona, 08008
  5. UTE Scytl Secure Electronic Voting S.A. Tecnocom, Calle Miguel Yuste 45, Madrid 28037
  6. UTE TES Scytl, Calle Miguel Yuste 45, Madrid 28037

Purchased in the Oct. 30, 2020 merger with UK Paragon Group Limited.

So typical of these Pilgrims Society operatives. The incorporate multiple companies so they can shut one down overnight and start it up in another of their shells.

Making a Scytl/Paragon spreadsheet of subsidiaries right now. Looks like 124 subsidiaries from their latest annual report… at least the ones they admit to.


DLA Piper LLP is attorney for some of Paragon’s lead companies in London.


Globally, Scytle/Paragon is controlled by one man: Irishman PATRICK JAMES CREAN, clearly the cardboard cutout for The Pilgrims Society.

Sir Nigel Knowles and Lord Mark Malloch Brown are directors of SGO Smartmatic. Knowles was chairman of DLA Piper LLP and was Vice Pretender Kamala Harris’ husband’s boss at DLA Piper. Knowles is also lead trustee of The Prince’s Trust, DLA Piper is the Prince’s Trust attorney. PriceWaterhouseCoopers is the Prince’s Trust auditor. The Prince’s Trust starting setting up branches in the US just after Trump was elected.

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  1. I’ve seen enough on these reports I’ve done figured the elections have been fraud for fifty yrs now. So we have hard work to fix these kind of crimes ,,,unless we go to war untill we find the purps this is most likely as the word indecated the law breaker will be exposed and we all must see it’s the current president .

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