Is Coronavirus a sign of the end of the world?

Rev. Danny Jones gives today’s red pill sermon. The only thing we would add is that the “global elites” have a name. They are the Pilgrims Society, which includes other enemies of humanity – the British Imperial Empire, the Queen of England, the Privy Council, Five Eyes, Pirbright Institute, Qinetiq, the Rothschilds.

We have identified these human vermin that tried to OVERTHROW the President of the United States and are trying to gobble up the world in their New World Order so that they can rule the planet with Eric Schmidt’s digital tyranny and Bill Gates nanotube vaccine poisons.

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Rev. Danny Jones. (Apr. 30, 2020). Sermon (starts at 24 min. 11 sec.): Is this Coronavirus a sign of the end of the world? Northlake Baptist Church, Gainesville, GA.
Rev. Danny Jones. (Apr. 30, 2020). Sermon (starts at 24 min. 11 sec.): Is this Coronavirus a sign of the end of the world? Northlake Baptist Church, Gainesville, GA.



2 thoughts on “Is Coronavirus a sign of the end of the world?”

  1. Dean Henderson’s book “The Nephilim Crown and 5G Apocalypse” speaks of this, and he actually names WHO the anti Christ is speculated to be, and why it might be him. Knowing you views on the House of Windsor, I am sure you might concur with him???? Here is a quote from it………”Most viable opposition having turned collaborators, largely via the CERN-generated smart-phone/Archon open portal interface, the time is near for a major cataclysm false flag event to be followed by an Order out of Chaos Mark of the Beast micro-chipping of humans and the crowning of a world government Anti-Christ Nephilim in Jerusalem. It is no coincidence that the Mark of the Beast is discussed in the Bible in Revelations “13”. According to a book published in Spain by Pilar Eyre, King Juan Carlos of the Hapsburg Borbon Merovingian Nephilim bloodlines had an affair with Princess Diana of the Bruce Spencer Merovingian Nephilim bloodlines. Eyre says Prince William was conceived during this affair. It seems logical that this was more a breeding program than a love affair and that Prince William has all the credentials needed to be crowned King of Jerusalem since he is a double-crossed scion of the Merovingians, who falsely claim descent from Jesus himself but in fact originated from a sea serpent called Oannes. Therefore, there is also a good chance he will be ushered in as the Second Coming of Christ. Fasten your seat belts, remain grounded, become a hunter/gatherer, and dis CERN at all costs. You do not want to go into the AI trans-human cul-de-sac where these fallen angels are trying to lead us. This is a cosmic dead end for your eternal spirit. We are already immortal. They are not and never will be. Faith in Creator, natural law and the true origin/good nature of humanity has never been more important than right now.

    Henderson, Dean. Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse (p. 166). Kindle Edition.

    1. The last person we listen to about the spiritual aspects of these events is Dean. We enjoy his writings about the criminality in the world’s governments, but we part with him when he babbles nonsensically about archon open portal interfaces. Rubbish.

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