JP Morgan Scam to Steal Gold and Silver Began with the Treachery of the Marshall Plan


We have a ton of research to show you on this unbelievable treachery against America, but our miners needed another day to preserve some last minute evidence that came in after the audio was posted. But there is no reason not to hear what we found!

Once we complete the research post, we will place it here.

marshall plan scam


Raw audio file:

4 thoughts on “JP Morgan Scam to Steal Gold and Silver Began with the Treachery of the Marshall Plan”

  1. So now we know the true virus and pandemic that has been infecting, sickening and killing the people of our planet for over a century. A plandemic of epic proportions unparalleled in history. The Pilgrim Society plague! Now to find a cure!

    1. People do not pay attention until it is too late. Look at CVS Pharmacy and self-checkout, look at 5G taking away truck drivers jobs etc… I hope Humanity can save itself from self-destruction.

      1. Out of the ashes of this corrupt system we’ve been living under all our lives will rise another, hopefully better course for humans and humanity. Many of those now awakening are but in the first stages. Of those first stages is extreme anger, I see it in many around me.
        You see the society they’ve built over the past century is the antithesis of what’s moral and good. It’s very difficult to imagine a world where their rules no longer apply, where the condition is no longer in a slave mentality, where scrapping for the very dollars to keep us alive consumes the majority of our lives. Yes they were very cunning and devious in their plot, took advantage of our good nature, patriotism, trust. It’s all exposed now and just a matter of time before it all crumbles. The more force they use, the more rebellious people will become. This latest escapade shows their desperation to hold onto power, as well how it was all built upon lies and propaganda. Change is never easy or speedy yet inevitable, do what you can to help those in your circle awaken and plan for a better future.

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