Citizens Write Truth History

Support the amazing miners and researchers at the American Intelligence Media and Americans for Innovation as they continue to develop and post an on-line TRUTH HISTORY of what has really happened in the last few centuries, from the death of Jesus Christ by the Roman Empire to the death of America by the Pilgrims Society. 

We have shown you the depth and scope of our research abilities, and, up to this point, have financially supported the research operation ourselves. Many in our community have offered to support our efforts, but we insisted on paying for everything for a few years to demonstrate our trustworthiness to you.

Now we ask the truth community to support Americans for Innovation’s research efforts, along with operation and production costs to run our truth sites as we develop an on-line Truth History for anyone in the world to access. We have already started this history book here: 

Please help us continue the research and distribution of this important online TRUTH HISTORY series that needs to be in the hands of people all around the world. If you prefer to contribute by check, please make the check to Our Spirit and mail to P. O. Box 355, Northville, Michigan, 48167.

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