Betsy and Thomas – We Told You So

Douglas can’t wait to say “I told you so” with the blockbuster reports coming out that Hildabeast was the ‘Russian operative’ she sent the FBI on a witchhunt for. You will laugh along with us because you have known this for years, too!

Check this Cat Report on debate details that we discuss in the audio.

Raw audio file:

15 thoughts on “Betsy and Thomas – We Told You So”

  1. Would I be wrong to state this may be the most dangerous time that we have ever faced in this country? The rats are trapped, nowhere to go but to prison or the gallows. What’s their final play?
    When this is over, it will be one heck of a story to tell to our grandkids. Ya all are the best. Thanks!

    1. Ron, How are you and your partner doing? Is she doing better with the mask issue? OK to answer me privately…just thinking about your two this morning.

  2. You are SO FAR AHEAD explaining what is going on that it makes it difficult to be patient… we can not give up… no matter what!
    Thanks AGAIN for al that you are doing!

    1. Once we win the Great Information War, you will not believe how amazing our planet will become. We have been suppressed as humanity by the Pilgrims Society for over 200 years. Get started today by getting on the ASCEND diet to prepare your physical body for this new dimension of living.

  3. Betsy & Thomas,
    Trump ‘terrified’ Biden & Company, his performance during the debate, was strategic & tactful. OMG, he trampled down Biden, who was wincing & crushed that Even Chris terrified himself tried to throw him a lifeboat! This war engaged theTech world of electronic & failed miserably. Dems will never recover from this battle! St. Michael’s the ArchAngel was standing right beside Trump & watched as Trump. Thanks for all you do!

  4. More “You told us so” info: Davis: CIA Director Gina Haspel Is Blocking Declassification Of Remaining Russigate Documents

    1. Yep! And eventually everyone will see that the CORONA virus was hoisted on the world by the British – Privy Council/Pilgrims Society. They used China as a mule to spread it around the world. Once everyone figures this out, we are going to demand that the Queen’s wealth be divided among the people who have suffered from this globalist attempt for global genocide.

      1. She should also lose her wealth. It was the Queen’s Pirbright that created and patented the coronavirus, then spread it to China for world-wide distribution. All the while Robert Mueller was stealing your paint technology patent, making a “boatload” of $$$, while you, the inventor, made nothing. I see some victim reparations coming your way to settle the balance sheet.

  5. Hey. Great piece on drumpf. I was never fooled by him. Can’t fool a wise street fightin’ Irishman.. No mention of guiliani covering up s.r.a. (loserferian ritual abuse) at west point decades ago? That clown said the kids made it up. Why does no one ever bring that up? How about mentioning 5g and the massive health problems it is causing (lots of data and studies). drumpf championed that too. C’mon Thomas n Betsy.

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