How to Construct a Grape Trellis

Helpful tip for those of us setting up orchard gardens. This is a very sturdy grape trellis that we will be building in our backyard to go along with the peach, apple, and cherry trees. We call the backyard plantings our “fruit salad”.


Also a tip for algae growth in hydroponic Kratky buckets – try a splash of colloidal silver water in your containers. For a five gallon bucket, I use about 1/4 cup of the homemade brew. Adjust amount according to bucket size. Unbelievable how well it keeps down or eliminates algae growth as long as you are doing the basics to keep light out of your buckets or channels.


Here’s our homemade recipe for colloidial silver water – so great for all kinds of uses. From COVID, colds, and flues to pool cleaning and hydroponics.

Using Colloidal Silver in Your Swimming Pool

EASY RECIPE: How to make Silver Colloidal Water

2 thoughts on “How to Construct a Grape Trellis”

  1. As of the last 5 years, I’ve been dabbling deeper into growing my own veggies. We have about a quarter acre surrounded by neighboring trees, leaving only a few select places with adequate sunshine for plant growth.
    In all about 500 sgft. I would like to share some of the key things I’ve learned.
    The most impactful revelation is my appreciation of the farmers who labor to bring these edibles to market. I think back to the time before the supermarkets, mechanization, and mass transporting we now enjoy to have the convenience of most any vegetable any time of the year.
    These thoughts come to me as I realize just how much work it is was to be self sufficient. A deeper appreciation of our forefathers and especially mothers of the time and effort they had to expend to make certain they survived. Just how important there own gardens were for their survival. It’s not just growing plants, it is so much more. I realize now that if I only had to eat what I produced, I would likely not make it.
    As a side note I have to thank Douglas and Tyla for opening my eyes to how our lives are built upon the generations before us, the knowledge, experience, hard work and time they expended for the modern conveniences of life we now enjoy. I could go on for pages and pages of the things I’ve learned just from my little garden, yet I think only hands on experience gives one the appreciations and insight that learning to garden does.

    1. We, too, “upped” our efforts this year. In prior years, we just shopped at farmers’ markets and gardened with a nearby biodynamic farm community. This year, we learned how to grow hydroponically – indoors and out – and are loving it! Plus, in Michigan with the growing seasons being shorter, we have converted a room in the house to be a year-round “salad garden” so that we can avoid the grocery stores as much as possible.

      We are also taking advantage of the SOLAR tax credits and low interest loans to make the house totally solar. Very concerned about Michigan winters and the power grid issues we are seeing. BONUS – our indoor garden will be totally powered by solar. We realize that solar is not the most efficient alternative energy system, but since the global elites are suppressing the really good stuff (like thorium), we have to use what is available to us for now.

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