Face masks are harming health care workers

AIM Patriot Ron S. wanted to give the American Intelligence Media community an update on his personal experience about the face mask issue. He writes:

Yesterday I asked the question about the likelihood of the possibility that the masks are being laced with or manufactured with materials harmful to people. The answer is yes.

My partner, after being sent home from work for being unable to wear the hospital issued, supplied and ordered to wear face mask, went to the urgent care facility to document and diagnose that indeed she was in respiratory distress.

The trauma was visually evident as a rash around the area of the face mask was and her sinus cavity swollen.

medical condition. name removed

The physician confirmed and prescribed medication for her distress as well as the face mask being the apparent causation of her allergic reaction. In conversation with the physician, it was also stated this to be a common condition and has seen it multiple times.

She will be going to her primary care physicians today to get a second opinion and further documentation as the incident at work will likely cause her disciplinary action and or losing her employment for being unable to wear the mask. This is very distressing in our situation, she has 34 years in the healthcare industry and approaching 60. Finding another form of employment in this new normal environment where face masking isn’t required will be difficult if not impossible. She is our soul supporter of our income as I am 62 riddled with arthritis and joint damage from working in the construction trades all my life, with no medical insurances to offer any or the will to have surgeries to repair the damages. My job has been the housewife, cook, gardener and upkeep of the home.

It is with a heavy heart I am telling you our story, yet I feel I must, as this plan of the new world order unfolds, all of us awakened peoples are being persecuted and exiled from society.

Yesterday Governor Northam of Virginia made the statement at the early part of his crackdown on violators speech, (@6:00 mark linked below) that these dictates will be adhered to until the vaccine becomes available. What he said there is the writing on the wall of what’s in store for our future unless we can come together and stop the dictators. Clearly if you listen to the speech, these restrictions will be in place until the vaccine is available.

What exactly does that mean? Only then, once you are vaccinated, will our freedoms be restored, just as he has now ordered anyone not masking or refusing to be masked to be removed from retailers property at the threat of losing their business license as his army of undercover spies spy on them to make sure they comply to his commandments. These same tactics will be used once the vaccinations become available, perhaps worse. The war is upon us patriots, sidestepping with the medically exempt card won’t work, property owners and businesses have no option but to expel nonconformists from their establishments.

The noose is tightening. The line has been drawn. This is for all the marbles, will you rise up to the occasion and fight for your freedoms and that of your children’s or cower under the boot heels oppression to this New World Order? If they can succeed in doing this to us, then there are no limits to the further commandments and dictates they can force down our throats.

Tyrannical Governor Northam’s press conference.

A second opinion confirmed prior diagnosis, with exception. The primary care physician who is in the same company would not identify the face mask as the cause. Also was told that writing a doctors note exempting anyone from wearing a face mask was not permissible. Even with her lifelong battle with asthma or the evidence from the allergic reaction.

She informed her supervisor and the employee health department of their findings, they reiterated that wearing an approved face mask is mandatory in all of their facilities, she is scheduled for a meeting Friday to see if there is another approved mask that she can wear. They have policies in place about uniformity in apparel that they won’t deviate from, as they cannot make exceptions for one without doing so for all.

She got strong meds and we slept most of the evening and night and she seems to be doing better. It’s all been quite traumatic.

She does plan on trying to return to work until they mandate the vaccinations, so that we can continue to prep for for the final stand.

Healthcare providers will be on the firing line first for the vaccinations, just as they did with the no opt out of the past flu vaccines. Many had to quit then or be fired but most complied. It’s not hard to see the progression and now they are implementing it at break neck speed.

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  1. There are the face shields you know ….. 25th July here in uk …. we won’t be able to buy products from shops without a mask and will be fined £100 if caught without wearing one …. besides any harmful effects of masks there is also the spiritual connotations of being masked and an article I read about it being an act of submission and initiation….. well I shall never wear a mask But in order to get food for which it’s impossible to home shop without being on months waiting list for delivery….. so I’m going to wear a SHIELD Visor…. that you just wipe clean as I can’t even grow the essentials lol 🙄😊💚💚💚👍

  2. I had to sit in organ class With a Mask and I had a PTS reaction. Not a pleasant experience and had to leave class. My heart goes out to people that have To earn a living with a mask. Let’s get the mask off your face! Marlene

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  3. Hi Ron.
    I am retired after over 50 years in the medical fields. 33+ of those years, practicing medicine as a physician assistant. I have worked in many areas of medicine, including emergency, industrial medicine and Workmen’s Compensation clinics. There is no doubt that your partner has an on-the-job claim. (Some states may call this an industrial illness, others an injury.). Workmen’s Compensation is usually controlled by each state, so processes may vary. I’ve worked Workmen’s Compensation in two different states, in one state you had a good chance of improving, and the other state (California) primarily screwed you. Your employer may have first choice on which Workmen’s Compensation Provider you will be seen by. It is very common for a Workmen’s Compensation physician to be “in the pocket,” of your employer. But you do need to have this documented as a “formal claim.” The medications that she has been given will most likely “mask,” most of her symptoms, and therefore will hide the “obvious evidence.” But seeing that we are dealing with unreasonable people, the symptoms will either return, and/or be a continual aggravation of her asthma. Not to mention medication side effects. You may want to document her respiratory status (such as peak flow, Or pulse oximetry) During these exacerbations. (Most medical facilities have this equipment, and should cost them almost nothing to perform.).

    If they are going to require that she wear a mask, they need to find a mask that is suitable for the employee. I personally would try any mask they present, document any complications, and if complications, return Immediately to human resources and/or the workers compensation clinic. You really need this documentation, because there is a good chance That if the problem cannot be resolved, she is going to be out of work. If she is put out of work due to a Workmen’s Compensation claim, and everyone in the state is requiring masks, she might be able to get compensation until she Turns 65 years old.

    If there are any problems on obtaining a suitable mask, I would then make a complaint to OSHA. Now you would have the federal government on your case, and out of the control of the state bureaucrats and the biased Workmen’s Compensation system. OSHA are the experts on masks. Wearing an appropriately sealed mask is no different than working in a “confined space.” Working in a confined space requires that the oxygen level be no lower than 19.5%. (Oxygen concentration at sea level is approximately 20.8%, and a humans exhaled breath is approximately 15 – 16% concentration. An asthmatic or someone with COPD, the oxygen may be even lower, and the CO2 higher.). I would expect that a person without respiratory problems would drop below the 19.5% after only a few exhalations using a sealed mask. (That’s why patients are either on a nasal cannula, so that there are not rebreathing Their own CO2, or they are on a “non-rebreather mask.”). OSHA will require a mask that meets all of their parameters, along with the specific needs of the worker. This might even include supplemental oxygen when using the mask. No company wants OSHA snooping around their operation. And every company wants to keep their costs down. These might be sufficient enough to motivate the company to adjust their policies.

    Best of luck,

    1. Thanks for the ideas John. We’ve decided to tread very carefully on how many waves we make. Virginia doesn’t protect employees very well and need no reason for terminations. We will try the suggested alternatives if there are any and document the results. Being employed in the healthcare industry fighting them on this may not be our time to make the stand.
      The vaccinations are on the horizons, unless there’s an intervention or rebellion these same tactics will be used upon the people. Healthcare workers will be one of the first to have to make the decisions. I suggest all people opposed to the vaccination begin prepping immediately for that time. That is our goal and it’s likely going to be a very rough time.

      1. Come what may I won’t have the vaccination …. I think they will be severe on those who refuse the vaccine . They are hell bent on their agenda …. I’m smart but NOT STUPID LOL . Those that refuse might only amount to 144,000 lol

      2. I understand your situation. Any employer can fabricate any reason to terminate an employee, at any time. Caution is advised, but if there is any indication that the employer might take this opportunity to reduce his overhead, the documentation is your only protection. Protection for now, and also if you’re trying to be reemployed.

        Seeing that your partner was given prescription medications, this would be considered an “OSHA reportable” injury. Employers are required by federal law, to keep a list of all of the “reportable injuries.” Having too many reportable injuries can affect their insurance, and also attract further OSHA investigations. (Healthcare does have a significant amount of “injuries,” primarily to the spine, or puncture wounds.). There is a high probability that your partner’s injury was never listed (she was seen privately, and it appears that she did not fill out the Workmen’s Compensation form.). This provides an opportune time for them to “accidentally forget” to list this injury. If the company is attempting to accommodate her, and work with her, I wouldn’t push filling out the Workmen’s Compensation paperwork. But if it is apparent that you are dealing with jerks, get it on record. If you start talking to OSHA, OSHA will be checking whether or not they listed it as “reportable.”

        What is more important, is your partner’s health. It may be very difficult, but try to determine precisely what she is allergic too. Is it primarily elastic, or possibly related to some kind of “odor.” An allergist may be able to determine the specific cause, but that is probably price prohibitive. She needs to avoid the specific allergen. If the allergy is to a volatile chemical, possibly soaking the mask in water or applying steam might eliminate the problem. Seeing this is a “contact” dermatitis. You might want to eliminate the “contact.” I would try something like pure aloe vera gel, calamine lotion or caladryl lotion. Possibly putting a layer of a safe fabric between her and the mask. Hopefully they will accommodate her and find a mask that she can tolerate. Healthcare went through the same problem decades ago with latex rubber in gloves and tubings. History repeats itself when you are ignorant of the past.


      3. That is pretty much the way we are proceeding, however the workers compensation claim we are still considering, just for documentation purposes in case this escalates in the future. She only lost a few hours and her insurance covered the checkups. Tomorrow is her meeting and we will be definitely asking questions and weighing possibilities. Thanks much for the considerations.

      4. Just a thought. (Though you have probably already thought of it.). Due to the present mental state of our nation, her argument during tomorrow’s meeting, should not be against wearing a mask. It needs to be against a specific type of “mask” that is resulting in her disability. She should present as being all for wearing the mask, but against a mask that causes allergic reactions, skin rash and exacerbation of her asthma. If they are adamant about their specific mask, she needs to ask them if they are, “unwilling to accommodate her disability.” Her present “disability,” has little difference than providing other workers with latex free gloves for their latex allergies. Checking for latex allergies on employees and patients has become standard operating procedure throughout the medical field. Why will they accommodate one employees latex allergy, and deny accommodation to another employee with a mask allergy? No need to mention ADA. But you can certainly be “suggestive.”

        I had one patient who worked in a hospital kitchen for 30 – 40 years. She had severe repetitive injury to her thumbs after years of serving food using an ice cream scoop with a thumb lever. After undergoing multiple hand surgeries and physical therapy, I returned her to work. (Note: due to her injuries, the kitchen did change to a different type of scoop without the thumb lever.). There was no place for her in the kitchen at that time, and they were in need for workers in medical records. These A**holes had her repeatedly removing staples from large charts, using a (thumb/index finger)pinch type staple remover. She returned to me in tears and extremely distressed (approaching retirement, needing to work, and probably unemployable). I tried her on my staple remover, which is more like a knife that she can grip in her whole hand. She had absolutely no problems with this 98 cent tool. I made a copy of it and sent her back to the hospital. She returned again greatly depressed, because they refused to accommodate her and were laying her off. I sent her back to human resources with a letter. I pointed out that the tool that they issued her required the same hand movements that initially caused her disability. I included multiple pictures from the Internet, of tools that she could use and all were around one dollar. I then reminded them that she had been a loyal employee for many decades. And then said something like: “She was an “American,” who was “disabled,” by no “act,” of her own, but by simply serving the hospital. The woman who was the head of the hospital human resources went ballistic. She personally phoned my supervising physician, who was the owner of the two clinics, and was in the pocket of this hospital. The Result: they paid for her to be retrained in an area of her choosing, and her Workmen’s Comp. payments were continued until the end of the training program.

        Maybe if your partner wore a small American flag lapel pin while discussing accommodation, might be a nice touch. LOL!


  4. Ron – in store till operators with protective screens do not need to wear masks , so get a shield visor off Amazon … they have a protective film you pull off Which is to protect the visor from scratches

    1. Thanks for the reply however she works in a hospital wear the apparel and masks are provided by the hospital and must be used by the employees. No personal choice allowed.

  5. You are seeing a sample of the New World, and to an offworld observer loving it in the way masks and restrictions are blithely accepted.

    1. Is it acceptation my offworld observer friend? Consifder this perspective.
      A moral person tries his best to follow laws and guidelines, trusting that those who are specialists put into positions in which their expertice would give us a reliable, educated, unbiased decisions on the safety and security of those things that applicable to his field of expertise. Most people teach their children to believe in this system that it is honest and with integrity. Many still hold that trust. In no way is this meant to demean anyone, but a person who may be a talented musician hasn’t the expertice to know if an electronic device is safe for him to use. Nor should he, in a perfect system. There are people employed by our powers that be that are supposedly insuring the products we use are safe. We should be able to trust these people and put our faith in them. Most people are doing the best they can to raise a family and achieve that American Dream. In a way I find it insulting to blame the trusting, hard working people for the dirty deeds of immoral people, who abused and destroyed that trust that was placed in them. As we are now seeing the complete destruction of this trust. It’s called the awakening and by God we’re going to fix it and rebuild what they’ve torn down.

      1. The game is almost always rigged, when playing in the adversaries ballpark.
        Sometimes you have a greater chance of success, if you move the game to a different playing field.
        Sadly, most of the fields have been corrupted, therefore you May need to operate “outside the box.”
        And frequently that is called, “an act of God.”


  6. The game is almost always rigged, when playing in the adversaries ballpark.
    Sometimes you have a greater chance of success, if you move the game to a different playing field.
    Sadly, most of the fields have been corrupted, therefore you May need to operate “outside the box.”
    And frequently that is called, “an act of God.”


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